First time SCROG Setup

Greetings - Looking for tips and advice on setting up a SCROG frame or screen for my 2x2 tent.

The most basic is a net that is inexpensive and stretches between the 4 poles. I’ve seen a pvc frame with a section of plastic construction fence attached to the frame. I’ve seen a section of cattle wire fence cut to fit held to the poles by cable ties. Some are sold as a kit while other systems are DIY.

Any suggestions on the best scrog system? Kit or DIY?


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I built mine with a 1/2” pvc and 3 way elbows. 21.5” x21.5”. Put screws in every 2”. Then used mold resistant garden twine that I wrapped around the screws. Here’s the frame. I don’t have the twine net on it as I took it down to harvest.

Found a pic so you can see how the garden twine was ran


For a small grow area with a single plant (perhaps two), @BobbyDigital has you covered.
Another approach for more plants is to build each frame on a cart with casters so that each plant can be moved and rotated individually.
Here is a photo of my SCROG frames:

And here is the same grow six weeks later:

The upper part is adjustable for height. I rotate the plants every three hours during flower.


These are a green house kit cut up for scrogs. Reusable and portable.


I made mine just like @BobbyDigital but will include a top-down photo just to give you a little better idea how you can run the entire thing with one piece of string. The only difference is I use eye hooks (1/16" drill bit for starter holes) instead of screws.

You can also use couplers with 2 inch sections of PVC at the bottom of the legs to make the height adjustable.


These are all great examples of perfect SCROG setups. Good tips and tricks for DIY projects.

When I make the “openings” with either wire or garden twine, is there an opening size I should shoot for?

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That is a great question @MT3. I put my strings at 2.5" - 3" spacing, some folks go with 4" or 6" spacing. It is up to you to decide how you want to grow and how many tops you want to develop. I go for 35 - 50 tops and grow in 10 gallon pots.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is my very first effort at using a SCROG. My techniques will likely change as I gain experience.


You’d never know this was your first SCROG based on the pictures. Beautifully done!

I like the adjustable height feature you incorporated, and I’ll aim for that as well.

Many thanks!

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For a single plant or two I might go with something closer to what @TommyBahama suggests, use couplers and short pipe sections to achieve adjustability. My method works fine but is a bit more involved with little additional benefit. I just thought it would be a cool way to do it. So far, I am glad I did it this way.

Thank you for the kind words, I will be starting harvest in a week or so. This is only my fifth grow (just over one year), so there is still a lot to learn.

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Always lots more to learn. Next grow, I’m shifting over from an organic soil based medium (FF Ocean Forest) to a soilless medium (Pro Mix HP) known to be easier to manage nutes and ph values. I also want to learn and try the scrog method like you are doing well with. I really like LST, so between these two training methods, I should be able to control tall plants (Blue Dream next) in a tent that’s only 5’7". I’ll fimm and top the Blue Dream so please wish me luck as I learn several new tricks at once.


I just bought mine online the net and ran poles on the outside of my tent pols. Here is 7 weeks after that defoliation


Here is mine really easy just some 1/2 inch pvc pipe and 4 t’s and used parachute cord and just drilled holes every 3inches apart and tied it


Is there a typical height for the screen to sit above the top of the growing container?

One tip for above I like is to have sections of PVC in varying lengths to make the screen height adjustable. For reference, what is the typical height above the pot that most aim for?

I aim for about 350-400mm. Enough to water and prune underneath. I run individual frames and have certain containers for each size depending on how much space I have in the flower tent.

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This gives me a good reference point - thank you!

I’m looking forward to building a scrog frame and giving this method a try. I have a semi-short tent at 5’7", so I’ll need to scrog and top to do a taller photo plant like the Blue Dream I want to grow indoors.

Pretty much like @BobbyDigital except my screens are 4x4 with 4" squares