Help with scrog set up!

Hey everybody,
I have a question about as scrog set up. When using this method is it better to have the first net up and let the plants grow in to it, or would it be better to put the net up after the plants are established? Any advice will help.


I let my girls get to a decent size before putting the screen up.

Like this

And then put up the screen and work them into it


Then you loop the stems through the net?


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The ‘traditional’ method for a SCROG is to lay the plant’s branches down on top of the screen and tie it down. Keep doing until nearly full then flip. Others (like me lol) come up from underneath and thread branches through the screen. I only tie down if necessary to lower an extra tall top. They end up being used more as a spreader than a screen. Like this:


Yeah I don’t do the tie down either, I use it more to spread and support.

So put the net up first then loop em through until it’s full. How low do you put the net and should I be using 2 nets.

Thanks for all the help it’s really appreciated.

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Thanks for the help!!!

@Myfriendis410 I gotta ask. How many times did you top? Manifold? How long did it veg? Will 4 of those fit in my 3x3? :sunglasses:


Normally I top once for the main cola and once again when side branches are large enough. I supercrop and top/FIM and I veg until 90% of cells in screen have a branch going to/through it. I would be able to do 1 1/2 plants in a 3 X 3. The idea of the SCROG is to allow it to get big. So you end up with a plant that does 14 oz and is less than 30" tall, including pot.