How’s my scrog looking?

    Good morning everyone, hope everyone is having a great morning so far. Just wondering how my scrog is looking. I have a gg4 and a runtz( runtz is the shorter one ha) in 7 gal grow bags.  I just opened the plants up last week with some super cropping and defoliating. Last night I tucked everything to spread the plants

out. I plan on supper cropping one more time and flipping to flower. The girls are 8 weeks in veg from seed. (Ilgm genetics). Anyone have any advice or things you wish you knew on your first scrog . Appreciate it as always!


Good Morning :smiley: I have never used a scrog but I have one that I will use eventually. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Looks good to me

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Looks just right to me.

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Looks good to me.

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Let your plant grow through net approximately 8"
Then supercrop and tie down. Continue tying down until net is approximately 60% full, then flip lights. Continue tying down until net is full, or you start showing flower.

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Thanks @Grandaddy013 . Can I just tuck under instead of tying down?

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Things I am still trying to figure out.
How much secondary growth should I let grow through?
How much space between bud sites should I provide?
Howl low should I prune?
Do I want main colas or more individual ones?
When should I let them turn up?
Use a second net?
etc etc etc. every time it is different, each plant is different,


If you want to. Just the way I do it. I don’t see that it matters either way.

Lots of luck figuring it out. Things change. At day 21 I cut clones and defoliate EVERYTHING under the screen. Depending on how long you tie down after light flip. The sooner you quit tying down, the longer your colas. I’m not sure what you mean by secondary growth.
As far as a second net, I don’t like them. That being said, I’ve had to use them before because I didn’t tie them down long enough, therefore they got tall. Then they got heavy and I had to put up a second net to support them.

I now have a separate flower room, so I can’t let them grow through the net. When I move them to the flower room, I string my net up around them, then supercrop etc.


This is from 6/21 two days after flipping.

As a point of reference note the green soft ties. One was used to supercrop the branch. A second was added to tie the branch down to the frame below it. The net went in on 6/15

This is the same main colas on 7/10. 19 days after the above picture. You can see the green ties at the bottom of the picture

Slightly different angle

You can see I am going for flower clusters rather than many buds along a horizontal branch.

Secondary Growth - I guess another term is sucker. It is a growth tip that grows into a branch on which other growth tips are allowed to grow into either colas or another branch. For example there are 4 clones in this tent each pruned to 3 or 4 stems resulting in 14 main colas. However, when I counted the colas I ended up with a few more. I let some lower growth tips develop into branches / colas


Looks top notch, great job!

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I trained these under a net, then once they were done stretching, I cut out the net, and did the defol you see here. I think it was just the right amount:


Heart are perfect :star_struck:

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I hope my girls look close to that quality fingers crossed.

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