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So my girls are 8 weeks from when I started germinate them. I have topped them about a week ago now all three have bushed up pretty nice. My question is this, I know that they will continue to grow once flipped to a 12/12 light schedule. They are currently about 9-10 inches below the net. How close to the net should they be when I flip the light cycle? Do I wait until they start to reach the net and fill it up or do I flip them before that and allow them to fill the net as they grow during flowering? Here is picture if that helps answer my question. Thanks all

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I did mine the other day and placed it 5 inches above the lip of my pots

5 inches from your pots or plants?

Pots and I have to type more letters to post

So my plants are already much taller then 5 inches. I have the netting 24 inches from the soil.

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Yes mine would’ve been taller but I gave them a little LST to spread them out and make them lay low. Check out or read the topic on LST

Any other opinions out there @Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 or any or else?


You want the scrog net or screen down low so you can start tucking the plant into the netting. The net is used to help spread out the plant until she fills in the entire space you have available or want to fill. This keep the plant all at the same height. Everytime she gets taller somewhere you need to tuck her under again.

Once you start flowering the stems harden off and you can’t do any further tucking into the net or screen.

Hope this helps!


In my opinion you should completely fill that net BEFORE flipping to flower. That way, once you begin flower everything above the net will be even and should be massive! That’s the whole goal when growing SCROG.



Exactly right !

I do my scrog roughly 1 week before flower but I veg long and train my ladies heavy so by the time I add screen I have around 16 kolas or more per plant all around same height. I also take advantage of plants stretch to fill remainder of screen by in essence bending every limb down on 18-22" plant to about 4"-6" from pot the week before is only recovery time for any breaks nothing more. I also am not shy to experiment and take ideas and play with them this means I am not doing textbook scrog but manipulating it to suit my own purposes. @ktreez420 @bob31 are right should and can be done before flip but as you get more skilled at Lst topping and pruning either way will work for you I just like adding scrog at flip since I can prune and train more right until flip with screen being out of my way :wink:


Appreciate all the feed back folks. This community has been great.

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