Beginner scrog questions HELP

I’ve got a few questions about scrogs, first off, when do I start? How far does the nets need to be above the soil?

Here’s a couple of rules of thumb for doing a SCROG:

Set net height to something that allows you to water without problems. Too low and you will fight watering. I like at least 12" of height before reaching screen.

Make screen cells rectangular: this makes feeding branches in (and out!) easier. I use a 4" X 6" spacing.

Never put more than one plant in a screen. If one plant finishes early or there’s a problem, you will be hating life.

Supercrop and top before screen: if you can FIM you will end up with 4 tops that can be directed toward diagonal corners of screen.

Let plant grow into screen. I try to get each cell filled before I flip to flower.

Some growers use a double SCROG so you might plan to introduce a second level to support colas.

Defoliate everything from a couple of inched below the screen as the plant will only produce larf below canopy.

Hope this helps.


Yes that helps a lot, my plants are about 1ft in height now, I topped them all at the 5th node. I was seeing how other people had 4 plants in a screen but still having the pots spaced out for 2 sq ft per plant. Given my grow tent space of 6.5ft x 6.5ft do you think it’s possible to do 4 plants under 1 screen? I would have 2 screens total with 4 under 2 screens

As I stated: I’d never put more than one in a screen. If you have to pull one for a flush for example there is a word for where you are: screwed.

There is a bill of materials and dimensions here. You may find something worthwhile there.

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Let’s just say for the sake of me being a beginner and space limits, can I scrog more than 1 physically? I understand it’s not ideal for flushings sake, but sinc they are in a drainable area if worst comes to worse I can flush them where they are and they are all the same strain. I screwedup from the Jump by doing so many and trust me that mistake won’t happen again :+1:

You sure can. Just plan for dealing with issues as needed.

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