First SCROG Grow

Been a while but I’m back! I have 5 / AK - 47 going this time. I’m 6 weeks into 5 gal. buckets. Plants are 13" - 15" tall. Question is: when should I put the SCROG net on if not already??? I’ve pruned somewhat to produce as many bud sites as possible! They look fantastic! Gonna let’em veg. till the end of the year and go from there! Also, using a 400 watt HPS in a 39" x 39" x 70" tent

Thanks all!


Welcome back @Gilly

I just completed a two plant scrog in same sized tent. I would say net them anytime soon. Sounds like you’re on your way!! Got any photos you can share, I love scrogs. I am in my second grow currently. Three auto flower strains in same sized tent you have.

Flashback to September


I’ll try ta get some pics up soon!

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OK! When I put the net on do I just let the plant grow through it on it’s own or do I physically position the “Top’s” to grow through the squares???


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Watch all the youtube videos you can tolerate, read all you can read. That’s what I did.
There is a certain amount of “feel” and “anticipation” as far as where your main and side branches are, and where you want them to be or to end up
As you put the net on there will be tops of branches that appear to naturally want to poke through screen/net openings.
Your job will be to guide those tops further out away from the main trunk, circling or mildly bending and guiding the top to stay under the screen.
The purpose, or part of the purpose, is to get the side shoots on the branches to grow upward (and become their own branches) and you then guide them to stretch and eventually fill their own hole or niche on your net.
Let each top grow up through an opening for 2-3 inches then pull it back down under the screen and guide it outward or toward a new screen opening at it’s apex of length of the branch itself.
Hope this helps or is even making sense.


So, in other words, give each top it’s own square. Let them grow a while and then move them to the next square furthest from the trunk and so on!


Here is a pic of the Girl’s!!! They are 6 wks in the buckets now. This is just my 2nd grow.By the time I get the net on’em (this week) and veg’em another 4 wks they should be close to flower by then. If not I will let’em go till ready. Enjoy the pic all!!WEED 5 002


All 5 plants are supposed to be AK - 47 but as you can see the middle plant is definitely different! It was 7 days behind the other 4 but something is going on for sure compared to the other 4 !!! Look at the size of those leaves! There as big as my hand!!! All 5 seeds came from ILGM !


2nd time grow!!!

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Some blogs and Tutorials @Gilly

My last grow was a 1.5 x 3 SCROG on a Gold Leaf! It is good fun!


Advanved Growing Techniques- Bigger yields




OK! This scrog grow has me confused. I have now read when you put the screen on you should let ur plants grow through the screen and then pull the tops under the screen and position in a different hole! I have also read where you let the plants grow through the screen and then tie the tops back on top of the screen. Which is the correct way to Scrog???


The way I and the SCROG Master @Countryboyjvd1971 do it is by tucking the stems under the screen. If you’re going to tie it down, you don’t need the SCROG Screen. @Gilly (But some folks do tie them down like that and that works too! )

It does work great, but you need to top and or FIM to get multiple tops going. You also need to let it veg long enough to fill the screen to about 75%

Here is a pic of mine from last summer


I’ve already got 15 -25 tops per plant going on 4 and the 5th is catching up quick as it was 7 days behind the other 4 plants. They are 10 weeks old from soaking seeds! Gonna go another 3 weeks in veg. at least. Should get the net on this week if it gets here.


how tall are they now from the floor to the tallest top? @Gilly

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2 of them are 15", 2 are 13" and 1 is 12"

Here is 4 of the 5 plants I have going in buckets! The 5th 1 looks the same just a week behind, that’s all! I hope by years end it will be time to throw the switch to 12/12!!! Net should be here this week so I’m gonna net’em as soon as it gets here and start Scrogging ASAP! I counted 25-30 tops on each plant so if everything goes right I should end up with a sea of green and a shitload of smoke! (I HOPE)!!! Enjoy the pics! I’ll keep’em coming as they progress ! The bottom pic is the plant that is a week behind the other 4 and it shows it. I still think I got a seed that was different from the rest. Fan leaves are ginormus and as u can see, it clearly is a different color of green! The leaves also don’t have the “shine” that the other 4 have!?

WEED 999 001WEED 999 002WEED 999 003WEED 999 004


@Gilly The general height for the screen is about 25 inches from the floor. But I would set it at whatever height works best for you. I found 25 was perfect for me!


Even in 5 gallon buckets?

I used 5 gallon grow bags. I’m not sure what the height difference would be I have both, I will check and let you know, but the 5 gallon bucket is probably a bit taller?


I’d of been back by sooner, but you didn’t tag me. I almost missed it the last time through as well. So please tag when you reply! Helps to find the topic again!

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I have no idea how to do it right and I’m concerned with colas too close and airflow