SCReen Of Green

Hopefully nobody is sick of this pic I recycled for the third time now!

My question is what type of spacing is everyone using for their screens? After my first attempt at scrog I feel that the spacing on this net is too big, each cube is a 5”x5” on this one. What’s everyone’s preferred sizing?


I use 2”x2” squares.


Where did you get those wire grates? I’ve only found heavy duty ones in a shelving unit at the hardware store and they want almost $200 for the whole kit. I’m only interested in the racks!

I got some plastic ones rated for 130# per shelf but like Maurie said ‘we have determined that is a lie!’ Damn thing is bowing like crazy after watering with 10 gallon fabric pots/soil.


How long before you chopped that one? I’m closing in on 8 weeks flower now.

She was chopped 11 days after that pic. She went 9 weeks after first signs of flower. So about 10 1/2 weeks from light flip. The screen is made out of garden twine. There’s screws in the frame every 2”. The twine is wrapped around a screw and ran to the other side, wrapped around another screw ran to the next screw over and ran back to the other side.


I am thinking of scrogging two for my next indoor run - I gotta manage height better with this damn beast of a light.

Do you do one screen or two?

Btw, looking good @WarmBreakfastBeer what strain is it?

This was on a 28”x28” scrog, two SD on a 2”x4” wire screen from home depot, garden center.

I just harvested this one that had 3”x 3” squares, pvc with string.

I have a ton of respect for a lot of folks here that scrog and or just grow naturally. I try to look at it as a preference. In my situation, I look at the plant and try to decide what’s best for the plant. Meaning, one scrog might be one size and another plant, another size.
Everybody has their preference which you’ll decide what’s best for you.

I tend to like the 3x3 only cause I felt like the 4x4 was too big. But it might work for you. It does for some folks. And like @BobbyDigital a 2x2 might be better.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Wow that looks awesome :clap: i was looking for some ideas of an easy removable scrog set up the pvc idea definitely caught my attention good job man :+1:t2:


So I also plan on attempting a scrog for my next round of big girls as well as a few solo cup challenge contenders. I haven’t fabricated them yet for the big girls but I plan on using similar material to the ones I made for my solo cup challenge contenders (although I definitely won’t have 8 of them anymore :expressionless:)

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It’s 2"x2" grating I have stocked up in anywhere from 4’x4’ to 3’x8’ ish lengths …more pics to come once I fabricate the ones for the big girls

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I like 3x3 for mine. But also didn’t think about just cutting some pieces off a roll of fencing. A 100’ roll of the wire fence is about 60 bucks and the 2x4 holes are pretty nice. I do have one with 5x5 for a upper net just to support buds

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You can actually get a smaller roll than 100’ if you need too. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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I’m sure though we buy everything in 100 ft rolls. It gets used around the farm

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@Deez that’s a GoldLeaf photo.

Good stuff. Hope you’re ready to get crippled.