Screen of green technique questions

I want to try a screen of green but have some questions as how some things work. I get the concept but how do you care for the plants in the back? It seems impractical for maintenance.
I’m hoping to pick someone’s brain on how to get started for my next grow and have some questions if someone could help me out

What are you growing them in? Room, tent?

Most people familiar with the method will recommend 1 plant per screen exactly for that reason. The bigger the screen you just give yourself a little more room between top of pot and screen.

I have my scrogged plants in an L formation in my tent. I keep the screen about 14" above the pots to ease watering/feeding.

Outdoors I grow them in a line.


Nice scrog arch

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That was the first, (and last) time I used just a flexible trellis netting and not my usual frame/cord.
It turned out ok, but too much movement.

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Some early training, at least supercropping and topping to develop a few tops. A properly executed FIM will generate 4 tops you can thread to the 4 diagonal corners. Do match the container size to the canopy because you can be top heavy with flowers that the roots can’t feed.

This is what ive always said makes scrogging the easiest! Grow in rectangles instead of squares! Makes it easy to manicure the back! Looks great @Drinkslinger

I am going to try and run my screen the lowest I have ever run it before…6.5"


Squares are great if you have access to all sides of the plant but if not, rectangles rule the day


Because I don’t need access under the plants to water, I slammed my SCROG down on them but not THAT low haha! I think mine is at 12" or so.

I need to get in and rotate mine for balanced airflow periodically. I just need to figure out a system where I don’t mess up the plants in doing that.


I am growing in a tent 4x4 with led and 4 inch fan for smell removal

Those are some good pictures and ideas, how big is that tent in the first picture with the l shape


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When do you usually top? Is it at 4th node or do you wait until it gets longer like 5th? Just started topping so I’m still tweaking the time fram to top I usually wait until I’m sure it will bounce back. Also do you take the center out or the entire top? By center I mean pulling the left and right longer pistols to the side and only removing center bulb

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That’s nice it gives some room to work

Topping is dependent on the state of the plant. A tight node spacing like a Diesel strain the 5th node is like 4 inches from the soil haha. I like to top with enough understory to be able to get in and water without issues. It’s not a big deal in hydro but you still need to access the back of the SCROG for maintenance.


My two SCROG’s and one upright as of yesterday.

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What are you guys using pvc? I’ve seen that a few times now. Are you making them or buying it that way with the hooks in and what is holding it up

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I built mine.

RIght around post number 140 IIRC there is a description and bill of materials.


Simple pvc pipe and elbows. It’s cheap and easy to cut to whatever length I want. Then eyehooks screwed in every 2.5", and strung with 1/8" Paracord. Some people just use screws and loop the paracord around it.
The nets are then suspended with adjustable ratchet hangers.