Cheap DIY Scrog

Made a custom fit SCROG for my 5’x5’ tent. Easy to make. $28. All parts and pieces I got from Home Depot. Pipe size it up to you judt remember it’ll be a little bit more $$ the bigger the pipe size. I went with 1" cpvc. You can either just cut it off at harvest or untie it an reuse the line.

-I started off by measuring my ideal/max canopy size.

-take into consideration the length you add with the fittings i cut the cpvc to length.

-i dry fit the frame together and pulled an face to face measurements from corner to corner piece all the way around.

-depending on what size holes you want in your net, divide the length of the measurement (the measurement you got from the last tab) by the size hole you want. In my case it was 53.5"÷3.5 and i got 15 squares.

-mark the middle of each piece of your frame and from there make a mark half the size of your hole on either side of your middle mark. In my case, from the middle mark, i made a mark 1.75" on either side of the middle mark creating my first 3.5" square.

-from there continue marking your lines the size of your holes until you hit the ends.once you have 1 all marked up you can take it all apart and match the marking to the other 3 pipes.

-now the tricky part is to drill a pilot hole with a bit a little smaller than the screw you wanna use down the center line of all your frame pipes. (I laid my pieces down next to a 6’ level on a flat surface and drew a straight line the length of the pipe with a marker through all the marks i just made for the lines)

-now take your screws (i chose flat heads for the cone shape to keep line on better) and put a screw in every pilot hole you drilled.

-now put it all back together with the screws facing outwards.

-i used mason line and made a loop on one end and hooked it on the first screw near a corner.

-run the line across the inside of the frame to the screw in the same position.

-pull snug then go once around the screw an over to the next one inline keeping it tight.

-wrap once around the next screw head than back across the inside of the frame. Continue until you get all the way across.

-now that the first layer is done you’re gonna wanna start the lines running across the other way. Start off with another loop around the first screw head.

-this next set of lines are a little different. You wanna start by going over the top of the first line you’re crossing. And going under the one after that. Over then under then over then under until you hit the other side. Make sure you’re keeping the line tight.

-wrap once around the screw parallel to the one you started on and go over to the next screw. Wrap around it once. Keeping it tight start going back across frame weaving over an under until your net is complete.

-end of lines can be tied off or taped down whatever you want to do.

  • with the open 1" side out in each corner is where you’re gonna put in the legs for the screen. Everyone has different set ups so the height or length to cut the legs is up to you to decide.

Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to make a homemade SCROG net!!!



Nice! Are you going to keep the scrog that height or trim the legs down any?

Def dropping it lol. I just used the longer scraps from my initial cuts to get it off the floor for me to weave. Easier on my back. It will be sitting about 12" above buckets when it goes into the tent. No need for it right now as plants are still pretty small and i like the extra room in the tent right now.

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Thats pretty much how I made scrog nets


@ChumpZilla88 I see you have a Gorilla Tent in the corner. This is the scrog setup I put in my 3x3 GT

I ended up using the furniture grade PVC


Then just couplings to add height Evey time after or suspending it?

FIS never misses 8’

Free, Been using the blue with bigger squares.


:smiley:… i was originally gonna do something like this. I wanted utilize the frame posts in the tent but they didn’t have those fittings in stock. I was gonna get a 3/4" clamp and put it on the post to stop it from falling but i like the way you chose to hang yours. Floating net that’s easily adjustable. I also wanted those fittings so i could stack another net above the scrog for bud support. Could still do it your way, just have to make 2 nets and support the lower net off the top net. I like it tho. Good shit.

This scrog will be set at about 12" above buckets and won’t move the remainder of the grow. The net i will put above this one will be adjusted with the bud growth for support.

Just drill a through hole and thread twine through it. It will also pull the frame of the screen together more evenly eliminating screws or cement.

I like a rectangular opening (4 X 6") to allow branches to be threaded through more easily. Screen size is dictated by interior space so mine are 22 X 36". I can do 3/4 lb from that footprint.


Plenty of different ways to do it. That is one of them. Both, once frame is built, seem fairly simple to replace the line. Both will do what it is needed for. So whatever works at the discretion of the user. One thing i forgot to add is I took a string and wrapped it from side to side in the middle of the walls an bowed all the walls inwards towards the center a bit. Did all my weaving. And last thing i did was cut those strings and it let the walls relax to where they should be and made netting a little tighter.

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I also built mine to be adjustable and anchored to the fabric pot for ease of movement. I like to carry plants out in the yard for free sunlight whenever possible.

There was a 12 oz plant in Promix.


All my buckets are connected together and about 80lbs each. They staying where they at lol.

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Yeah; hydro makes it a bit harder.

It can get tight in there lol.


@Myfriendis410 @ChumpZilla88 and I thought I was making progress with my 3x3 and a bucket of dirt.


I’m a first timer on lockdown lol. I have nothing but time. I have somewhat of a stunted growth, due to which I’m hoping i correctly identified as a Cal/Mag issue and adjusted for, that’s stopping me from atleast having some LST to do.


I went with 12" above buckets and 30" down from my 1000w HPS air cooled reflector/hood.

How much can you raise the lights if needed… 30" above canopy isn’t much to work with??
You’ll make it work, it is what it is… bend, tuck clip

I maybe can get another 3" on the light if needed. I put my temp. probe 10" below my light for an entire light cycle and it never got warmer than 80°. So I’m hoping after the intial flower stretch as long as they dont stretch more than 20" above the screen they should be fine. But ya. It is what it is. My basement is only 7’7", not tall enough for the 1’ extension i got with my Gorilla tent. And im using 13 gallon buckets so my “ground level” starts 19" off the ground.