Question about cutting branches

Quick question on trimming the branches. After a plant is topped and the branches grow out, what happens if I trim those branches?

Not cutting them completely off but like half or a third. Do they still bud or does it mess up it up? Just wondering if that’s an option as they’re already starting to get too tall. If I could cut 6-8 inches off them I think that would solve it but I don’t want to ruin the buds either.


It might slow it down a little but plant will bounce back… . You can also Gently pull and tie the limb down.
Good luck :v:


If photo then just prune away. Expect a longer veg but they will grow back bushy with a lot of smaller tops. Yield will increase but there is a point of diminishing return. I used to veg a gg4 out in 3x3 20 gallon with a lot of fimming.


Are they already in flower?

Through veg and the beginning of flower stage (first three weeks) you can bend the branches using clips to bring the canopy down a bit and even it out.

After about three weeks, the branches will stiffen and you may snap them… Also if you use silica through the grow… They may be stiffer… Squeezing the branch between your thumb and finger before bending may help.

They are LST clips:

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It’s a Maui photo. I got a jealousy that grew rather bushy but shorter which is far better as I only have about 5-5 and a half feet for height. I could try to play with the lights but most say to have at least 12 inches of clearance between the ceiling and light so I’d rather not.

She just had a huge growth spurt and grew about 10 inches in a week.


I just switched to 12/12 yesterday. I used the pinch method on a previous grow but I could only get the branches to maybe a 60 degree bend at the sharpest. Gonna order some of those clips, they look handy.

I have used silica although I’ve forgotten recently to add it in. I also put Diatomaceous Earth in the soil for a silica boost.

Appreciate all the feedback. I should be good to trim a bit. Tried looking up before posting but nothing seemed to cover if I cut the branches.

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If you just flipped it yesterday, I might humbly suggest cutting down to half or a third. Most plants double to triple in flower (autos aside) height as they stretch. If it’s a stretch monster in veg, it’s going to reach for the sky in flower. Better to whack it now. If you clone it, second run flip it to 12/12 right away.

This also might be a good situation for a trellis. You can draw it out horizontally like a grid and take advantage of the horizontal space since the vertical is getting tight.


I just started flower myself… Just trimmed.

Check out my thread.

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Do you mean topping it again to half size or just the branches? If I did that, should I put them back on 18h days until she recovers?

Don’t think I’ll clone her, I like the plant but it’s just not good for me. Maui seems to get tall and I just don’t have the room. She could probably get 7 foot easily, even taller outside. I got some apple fritter I’m wanting to try out but I gotta finish this grow first.

They look good but how do you keep them so short? Just a lot of topping or anything else?

I topped mine after node 5 and was hoping that would keep them shorter but those side stems just shot up. I wanted to transition to flower like 2 weeks ago but I think I had a potassium deficiency in one. So I repotted her and let her recover. But now they’re all much taller than I expected.

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@Putridsmell The G13 naturally was dense round bushes… I thinned out the interior of them… Cutting the lower branches that aren’t quite up to the top.
I do not go back to 18hour of light to recover.

After 20-21 days I’ll go back and do a final prune.

I lollipop them… I take the top few nodes and leave them but everything under is removed.

The three week stretch will take care of the healing.

This may help


I would just tie down the taller branches and let the smaller ones catch up in height. Im expecting a nice even canopy on this one.


@Putridsmell I grow indoors and all of my plants grow to the same height (plus or minus LOL). I use Low Stress Training (LST) which is what folks are talking about when they say “tie the branches down”. LST is an excellent way to get a great yield and manage the height of your plants.

Unlike many folks, I don’t top the plants, I just bend them over and tie them down. :man_mage:


Do you get fewer colas by not topping? Or does the increased size of the main cola make up for that?

Everything I’ve read says how you should top them so I’m interested in why you don’t. Does it help with height as well? Idk if it’s just a coincidence but I topped a few when their growth seemed to stagnate and next thing the branches seem to shoot up. Maybe it would have a growth spurt regardless.


When you bend them over the lower branches grow as though they are a top. Here some photos of my recent grow to show what I mean.
Early in the grow, training started a couple of weeks earlier:

If you look closely, you can see the wire that I use to tie them down.

About the time that I flip to flower:

Near to harvest:

I hope this gives you and idea of how you might want to grow your plants. There are many really good methods, choose one and get very good at it. :man_mage:


What is the thing you have underneath them? Did you make that? The ring of pipe with the metal bars across? That’s exactly the type of thing I need, was trying to think of a way to have the runoff drain into something. I was hesitant to install a trellis net as I wouldn’t be able to move them after


Each plant is on a wheeled base with its own SCROG net.

The first photo is just one of the bases. The second is with the legs and frames in place after putting the string on.

It is all 1/2" plywood and mostly 1/2" pvc pipe with some larger fittings for the adjustable slides.

I rotate them and roll them around for access and to equalize light exposure as the edges usually get a bit less light than the middle.

The base and support for the plant is designed so that the drip tray can be slid out for emptying.

My frames are 35" across and the netting is 12 - 16 inches above the soil. You can make yours any size that fit your area. The angled corners allowed me make the frame larger and still be able to rotate them with four to six plants in my grow space.

Note: I did not glue any of the joints in the pvc pipe. I take them apart between grows for storage.

Here is a link to my grow log:
(fair warning, my grow log topic is really long with nearly 10,000 posts)

You can browse to see if my techniques are suitable for you. Look at other grow logs to see others do it. Figure out who you want to emulate and stick with that until you get the basics figured out, then you will find your own method.


That’s really clever. It’s exactly what I’m needing to make. Where did you get the metal screen thing? Not too sure what to call it. And is it attached to the pipes or just sitting underneath it?

I’ll take a look at the journal this evening when I got some free time. Always eager to learn.


The metal grating is some metal shelving that I purchased a The Home Depot. You might find something a Habitat For Humanity Restore or something similar. Old refrigerator shelves or oven shelves would also work.

The grating is attached to the base with staples and the lower pipe frame is attached to the base with wood screws. You can get inexpensive wheels at Harbor Freight if you have one near by. Home Depot has them as well, just more expensive.