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Rank newbie here, first time grow with a True OG clone purchased from the dispensary. We’ve been tending lovingly to it, with some good advice from the fine folks on this forum. FF Ocean Forest soil with perlite, have fed her twice in ten days with decent Dr. Earth nitrogen dominant.

Here’s the situation: My concern is that she’s not getting enough light. We move her pot outside in the morning where she gets about four hours in the morning, then inside to a sunny window when it gets too hot outside, where she stays till the next morning.

And here’s the part I don’t want you to laugh at in the kind of “why is this newbie asking about the benefits of Miracle Grow” or “yes, watering every day is too much” way:

We want to supplement our veg with a grow light, but we just have the one plant (for now). I see on Amazon the best-sellers in “Growing Lamps” are around $30 to $35. Some are full-spectrum (better, I learned here), and they seem to be highly adjustable, but at 80 watts, would one of these even come close to my needs? (cue laughter)

We may try this little experiment again, maybe with seeds. Would one of these be good for germination? (knee slapping)

Thanks to all who help!

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You could grow with just cfls. I’ve seen it done. As long as you’re not expecting a large plant to give dense buds, you might get by on a $35 light.
50 Actual watts at the Wall/sq foot is a good rule of thumb for low efficacy lights.

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This is the cheapest I’d reccomend but your better off getting a mars hydro ts1000 in the long run if you ever plan on doing indoor growing (though you could use the parfactwork to assist the ts1000 if you do a 4x4)

Seems to me the sun would be far more effective. What do you mean by too hot? I’m sure lots of people grow outdoors in very hot areas here. I’ve read that you ease the plant into it. More direct sun each day. I only frequent the indoor stuff here so I dont really know who to tag for you. Maybe this gentleman can assist you. @Cannabian


What? What did I do? Hello?

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I’ve seen some nice photos of your sun powered beauties, this new grower up there needs some encouragement and a plan for letting the sun fuel their new plant, in my humble uneducated opinion.

Ok, first if all what is your daytime high temperatures? Around here, in my greenhouse its been as high as 110 American! Average daytime temp around 80. Sometimes up to 90. If you need to augment light hours, a cfl will barely do the job, but barely works.
If you want to invest hard earned money into anlight worth growing under, seedlings, clones, vegging, maybe finishing… just eat it and spend the money. Go to HLG and look at their offerings. Do not waste money on Amazon, they rip more people off than can be counted in a lifetime.
Yes, all plants, including vegetables have the ability to deal with heat by slammimg stomata shut. All pkants need to be hardened off before being left on their own in the sun. Do it gradually, the shade counts as light as does patchy sun like under a shady tree.


This will kick butt for one plant

Someone has the discount code, please give it to him


“dude” works as of six days ago

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Thanks for responses!

We did harden her off to outside over a few days once we got her home. And she does get plenty of playtime in the direct sunlight - maybe 4 hours in the morning and then about 6 in the sunny window. (lt’s been mostly mid to upper-90s and 100+ in the last month and we noticed she was looking pretty sad around midday, so that’s why the move indoors to a 75-degree airconditioned environment, where she immediately perks up.) She’s about 7-8 weeks old and 18 inches tall.

Thanks, KoolHand, that looks like a great light for one plant, but it’s a bit outside the budget. Were looking to keep things under $50, if possible.

Thanks again, all!

That looks like a window plant , the window makes her tall and lanky . Outside plants should stay outside and indoor plants should stay inside.If you are going to smoke this weed don’t cut back on quality lights .because your end results is going too show.

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I was talking to this one guy who grow a Beautiful plant and this thing didn’t produce anything. He was upset because of all the time and money he spent. He’s buying good lights now . You will pay now or you will pay later

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With good lights this is what your plant should look like at week 5

It’s your call

Outside grows are great talk to this man @Cannabian


Ok for thing 1… the black pot… gotta go! At least cover it in white clothe. Thing 2 … volume… in hot areas you want bigger soil volume, you cant expect a plant under the strongest grow light in town to drink water if there isnt any and whats there is boiling hot!
Ideally, if you want to grow dope outside, the ground is the best place for it. However, we cant all do that so we need to grow in a pot. The smallest pot I consider even doable in hot climates is a 20 gallon. The only benefit to a 20 gallon is portability. You wont be stuffing a 20 gallon pot in yer window! At least not easily.


Personally, I would pot that plant up to a 20 gallon and chop the top off just above the second branch. Restart the shape of it. Give it some soil, and leave it outside.
Or! I would buy a tent and a decent HLG and join the indoor revolution!


HLG is GREAT co.

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Okay, I revised my budget upward and pulled the trigger on a non-blurple, the above one recommended by GreenSnek. We’re going to try an indoor grow and see how that works. Don’t have a tent (one thing at a time for these hobbyists) but will make do with a cleared-out corner.

Another question: for our shift to an indoor grow, should we re-pot into something like a 5 gallon pot?

Thanks again!

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If you want a big plant 5 gal would be the smallest I would go. I grow in 7 and 12 gal. depending on how big I want them.

you won’t need the 20 gal pot but I would definitely take @Cannabian advise and chop her.

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