Platinumled for around $600

Im looking to upgrade my light. I bought a 8x4 tent as 2x2 is just too small and after doing it all i can surprisingly fit an 8x4 tent.

Anyways, I’m beginning to read up on lights, but i’d say beyond aiming for about 65 watts per square foot, i dont know much when it comes to quality of lights.

Im learning something looks like it could be decent, when judging on its cover, then your reas up on it and its either junk or will leave much to be desired.

Anyone have any knowledge on the this Platinum LED brand? I will have another light in the tent as well, the one for my 2x2 tent.

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The light is extremely overpriced for what you get. It isn’t a 600 watt light. Trickery is used to get to 600 watts. The actual wattage of the light is 368. Keep in mind that any LED that has veg and bloom switches or an integrated fan isn’t going to be worth the money charged. The most effective, efficient LEDs are built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.


I’d have to advise highly against a light 3ft long claiming to cover 3x6 area at 18” :face_with_peeking_eye:

30-35w per sqft of quality Samsung 301b or H diodes.

Meanwell or inventroniks drivers are of great quality.

Check out the specs in the lights you check out for those components.


Hmm 4 hlg 260 xls ( at least 3 ) or 2 scorpions could work but having such a huge area wont be cheap to fully light


I light my 4x8 with 2 hlg 600r and works perfect just harvested 2 lbs of rock hard nuggs and a lb of popcorn and trim for candy.


Very over priced as others have said.

2 marshydro sp3000 could be a good budget setup for a 4x8 space.

I have a 4x6 tent i run a Growers Choice Roi-e720 in, it is an example of a top brand light that doesn’t use Samsung diodes so they are out there.

I also have a marshydro sp3000 in a 2.5x5 closet and it does extremely well so 2 of them would work great in the 4x8.

Easiest way to tell fir someone that doesn’t know anything about led lights is stay away from any thst have “veg-bloom” switches and/or if it gives off "purple " light…
These lights will work but its old technologies and the newer tech is much better :wink:


Tents are cheap. Real lights are not cheap. And thats a ripoff ultra cheap over priced hunk of china crap. In a 4x8 for me the min. would be 2ea. HLG Scorpion Rspec. Preferable would be 2ea. HLG Scorpion Diablos. Use discount code EVERGREEN for a 20% discount right now on HLG website.

@CT9 hay should check out hlg refurbished they have some good lights

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Thank you guys for your help. Lol glad i checked, im reading up trying to learn light components and understand the lights, but its not exactly my field of strength.

Definitely looking into hlg and the marshydro lights mentioned and a few others. I knew it would be expensive, im open to uprgrading over time.

Thanks again everyone

Thanks those mars hydro might be a good place to start then move to the hlg’s

Thanks guys, have a much better idea of what im looking for now

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May i ask, besides the obvious, time and just being around growing.

Where did you learn so much about light’s? I’d like to really get a good understanding of them because since i started growing last year i see this “fake” 600w, or trickery and misleading used a lot.

I actually havent done a youtube search yet. Ive actually spent the last 6 months trying to learn digital audio work station’s for music production. I think i blocked out youtube in my mind, people on there can be a great help… but idk, they annoy me lol. Maybe it’s because it was all wannabe rappers and producers i was trying to learn from for the most part.


Will def check out, nice set up man. Everyone in here got a bomb set up so dont take offense if I didnt point yours out.

Or thank anyone individually, im trying to get back to everyone, cause yall took the time out to help me and i appreciate that.

Does anyone know of any good blogs/websites that covers growing equipment? Ive looked around and havent been too impressed with what ive seen.

Or i used to run a liquor store and the trade magazines were actually decent there, i looked at some trade mags but didnt pull the trigger. Anyone have a good subscription?

I just saw some electric sky for sale on FB Marketplace. 1 for 300 and 1 for 280. Not a bad price for those. Sometimes you can find great lights up there. People give up and sell off everything cheap.

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Thats a great idea. I didnt even think about that. I dont even have a facebook, kinda opposed to it. Had one in college then some random dude from high school i didnt know at all, like wasnt good or bad, just neutral, we were switzerland. Friended me on that, deleted and aint look back a decade ago…

But i think i might have to return


Just looked them up again. 1 guy downsizing selling 2 es300 for 575 or 1 295. That is a phemomenal price. Claims 2 grows so practically new. FB has its guarantee. Shipped.


Some YouTubers to check out,
*Dr Bruce bugbee
*DR MJ coco

The 3 channels can teach you everything you could ever want to know about grow lights. .
Migro and Dr MJ have extensive lists of grow lights they have tested and reviewed so they can even help you make a choice what purchase from data you can trust rather then lieing manufacturers that just want to sale a light…

Dr Bruce Bugbee is a wealth of knowledge all things cannabis including alot of scientific data on just how grow lights work.

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I have gotten so many deals from FB market place.
Growers choice Roi-e720 new in box fir $600
$700 marshydro 2x4 kit with sp3000 light, t6 ac infinity fan, 6in marshydro fan, pretty much everything the guy had even his last super skunk seed :grinning:. But i gave him like $350 for it all :grin:

People spend a bunch of money and grow once and fail or just don’t have an interest anymore and sale their stuff real cheap alot of times…


Im creating a facebook account.

This is a really dumb question, from when i hear people talk about it, it sounds very localized, do they ship across country and stuff on there commonly?

Also do you think i should be worried about 2nd hand lights at all? Or should it probably be fine? I mean im not sure how you eff them up, but im also probably a pretty uninvolved grower.

I just dont want to spend any money on bud at a dealer and now dispensaries by the end of the year

The other question i had in here is, what about 2 Spider Farmer SF2000 or is that a fraudelent brand as well?


Yea i think thats what other dude said. I can totally see that happening.

Great tip guys

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Awesome man, I screen shot your youtube list and put it in with the people i use for music.

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