300$ light budget, need advice


I just got a 3x3x6 tent and I already got 2 little blurples lights at 100watt actual draw but there heavy on reds, I’m trying to find a good full spectrum around 300$ to add in the tent I’m not up to date with the latest, can any 1 point me the right direction because they all seem good to me lol, marshydro ts1000, cobs, even another blurple lol, anyways they just a few that stuck out, I’m open to what ever, just trying to get the best bang for the buck, thanks!!??

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Call the “The Indoor Gardener” in Parma Ohio. They have a website but it sucks. You gotta call. They also have a Facebook page I think. You’ll get an HLG 260 V2 RSpec for that budget with some money left over.



Heck yeah that would be awesome thanks for the info, I’ll shoot them a call now.

How’d that work out for you? Did he hook you up?


I shot, them a call and left and message, but haven’t heard nothing back yet… I was like aww man to good to be true… Lol

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No. It’s legit. They have a Facebook page where they have their prices In an old post … he might be closed on Mondays.

I also just got an HLG light from The Indoor Gardener and could not be happier with their service. Try calling him back, I think he’s pretty busy

Everyone loves LED but my CMH315 is a great light for a 3x3

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You got any pics of the growth, and what would work better between the 2 ?

cheaper to buy not to run. Doesn’t get hot for me. $300


Hey Matt,

Nice bud, I was expecting that out of a 315 watt cmh, I’ll have to reconsider my options lol

To be fair. HLG Lights are awesome but expensive. If you want a really good light that is cheaper to buy but more expensive to run and definitely makes buds. You can’t go wrong but that is only my opinion. Thanks


Well I had about decided on a hlg, but I already got 2 little 100watt blurple lights in a 3x3 and it doesn’t do bad, but I’m a micro grower and I’m trying to improve quality, but quality doesn’t go well with a small budget lol, so I’ll check out some cmh lights for sure, and in comparison to a hlg I’m wondering what would produce the better bud

I’ve heard alot of people say otherwise but I have had a good experience with Shenzhen Kingbrite Electronics Co., Ltd. ordered through Alibaba. They are essentially knock offs of hlg but for 300 you can get 2, 240w boards $304 and that includes shipping and everything. I think each time I ordered mine they took about 6-7 business days to arrive and just 1 of them was enough to burn 4 plants at 50% dim any lower than 20 inches during early veg.

I’m not 100% sure about what the wattage is from the wall but I imagine it can’t be lower than 180-200 watts.

i called them too and they never called back