Lighting Needs for a 3x3x60ish Tent

I plan on purchasing a 3X3 from tent. Haven’t decided which one. Gonna spend my money on a good light and budget my tent around that. Will both a HLG 300L V2 RSPEC or Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED be enough light to both veg and flower 2-3 Autoflower? Will add a A/C 4" Infinity fan and filter.


Grow tent-spell check or fat dab?


That light has a flower foot print of 3X3, so would fit your 3X3 tent perfectly.

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You tagged the right man, Dbrn


I could save some $$$ with the MARS🤔

I feel like the hlg light is probably superior light, the others a little cheaper. But you are in the right sized fixtures for a 3x3


I think they use the same LED’s. HLG is charging a premium by using LM301H, where the Spider Farmer and Hydro use the LM301B that is exactly the same construction, it’s just the H version is marketed towards Horticulture and B isn’t. Your paying a premium to have a H printed on the same chip as the B’s.

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HLG’s prices haven’t changed since they moved to 301H from the 301B.

The real reason you pay more for HLG - HLG is an american company that assembles their commercial lights in the USA, with american workers. Mars and Spider are chinese companies and lights made and assembled in China. I prefer to support american companies over chinese companies whenever I can and the quality is usually miles apart as well.


New here and don’t mean to hijack the OPs thread but wondering if three of these (Full spectrum 100W Grow Light Bulb 150 LED Plant Light) in a 4x2 tent is enough? Have a nice green crack almost ready but it looks like she could be better and I am thinking its the lights.


this is what I use in my 3x3.

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I have no idea what these are. If it’s a “bulb” I would think most likely not.

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Currently running the viparspectra V450 along with three 100w full spectrum LED bulbs in a 2x4 tent. Is this enough for two maybe three plants?

Are they watt bulbs or 100 watt replacement bulbs? I would need more info to say for sure. But your plants should grow, but won’t produce as much as you could.

I have a new favorite light that I am currently saving for. Check this bad boy out…

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I just seen this about 4 days ago. I agree, I want one!!!

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Not sure what you mean “replacement bulbs”? This is what I have. Again three of these with the above panel.