Best budget light for 3.5 x 3.5 grow tent


Well it’s time to upgrade my stimulus package lol, I’m currently using 2 old school marshydro blurple lights, which wasn’t bad I got decent results, but I’d like to find a light that could handle a 3.5 x 3.5 grow tent, budget is 300$ give or take., Any suggestions is valued

Check out kingbrite quantom boards. I have 7 pairs of their 240w 3500k with reds and they r great. They r samsung boards with dimmable meanwell drivers. Just like the HLG quantoms but 1/3 the price. I am in Ontario Canada and had them in less than a week from orderin
Best upgrade to my grow yet!!

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7 Pairs… Wow as in 14 lights … What size of a grow do you have

Also, when ever I checked them out i get a ton of results to the viperspectr, marshydro versions of the HLG quatuamn boards, and I have no idea on which 1 to pick, would 2 smallers be better or 1 bigger 1, I got 2 little 100 watt plurple lights and I only grow 2 or 3 plants indoors in my dwc system, I just want the best lighting for a poor person lol

I have a 5x5 flower room, and 3x4 tent. I have 1 pair sometimes 2 in tent and 4 pair in 5x5.(960watts) I use 1 pair for my clones/seedlings and 1 pair I use as a garage light lol I have MORE than enuff light then I need lol

Those are the ones I bought
There are ALOT of diff lights on there also, u may see anoth kind of light u like also at a good price. Oh and I ordered them in 3500k with reds


YESSSS, wait what’s the catch these look like the HLG quatuamns, why are these so much cheaper… have you had some good resilts, and is the 240watts the actual draw, and if this is all consistent, then rhino is about to order 3 lol, sorry to play copy cat but this light seems awesome

Some reasons I can think of why HLG costs more

  1. HLG is assembled in the USA
  2. HLG uses top bin leds - others who knows
    3, The HLG 260 goes up to 280 watts, where the other is 240 watts.
  3. Better expectation of customer service from HLG.

@Ryansway and @Hellraiser these r samsung boards, top bin diodes and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM.
Hlg cost more because they are HLG. I have been runnin them almst 1 year and no complaints at all.
Customer service was also top notch.
I have no regrets ditching my old HID lights at all and my yeilds and quality have improved ALOT. They are V3 boards in 3500k with reds. Exact same as HLG R-specs
I ordered 6 sets at once and was only 1200 bucks delivered in less than 1 week.
And yes, 240 true watts

Do you want “budget” buds??? Budget lights will do that well.


I want top knotch bud, but I only grow in. 2x4 tent so 2 or 3 plants at best, I wanted a smaller tent to more efficiently use a light and environment, I just wanted the best lightt for a small tent, now little Joe is on to something with these light and I’ve spent alot of time on Alibaba talking to vendors it’s just hard to find 1 you think won’t scam you, so I’m trying to decide what to go with.

I grow 1 plant in a 2x4x5 tent use the HLG260XL. Could do 3 easy but…

why would I? Dont go cheep on lights as they are the single most important part of the grow.

Alibaba is best avoided, it is all cheap Chinese junk, go with HLG.

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Netting a plant make the best use of lighting.