Where can I get suitable LED lights, 600W-1000W

It has a good spectrum, good heat dissipation, no need for additional cooling, and the price is cheap. Do you have a good recommendation?


King Brite or spider farmer would be the best bets for u to get. I guess I’ve seen some pretty amazing result from the enfun board setups also @CoyoteCody uses and he has some beautiful buds from them. They are about the cheapest at like 150 for a 240w setup each. Like 80 or 90 bucks for a 120w kits now if u want really good lights go for hlg fluence rayon led ect. A bit more costly up front but well worth it as the product will be better in just about all ways around. Good luck and welcome to ilgm forum. Welcome home

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HLG Don’t waste $$$


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Definitely HLG

Depends on the space your are trying to light up, what are your Dimensions

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I wouldn’t buy an LED that claims to be 1000w. There is no such thing and the advertising is false if that is their claim. Most LEDs range between 200 and 400 watts. That said, there are 1000w HPS fixtures out there if that is the way you want to go.

I see HLG mentioned a few times. HLG makes great LEDs for cannabis.

HLG、Mars hydro、helenor compact、spider farmer and so on,I’m considering all of these, thanks for your advice,

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Happy gardening!


OPTIC, FLUENCE, GAVITA these brands are leaders in LED market but cost too much to get one.


@JohnWilson how much space do you need the lights for?


Yes, the prices of these brands are too high, I only have a budget of US$300-500,I’m considering all of these,HLG、Mars hydro、helenor compact、spider farmer and so on,

Welcome @JohnWilson ! As @Kingkupa and @Graysin asked, what is the space you’re trying to light? That’s the main question that needs to be answered so the correct light can be suggested.


Helenor Pro-640W, 840W,960W , Samsung LEDs , Full Spectrum.

How big of a space?

Are you a veteran? If so you can land a refurbished HLG 600 RSpec for $479

I just got one for my 4x4

Either way, check out their refurbished. Good pricing. If you’re not a vet, use code “dude” for 10 percent off

3 feet × 3 feet,How many watts of lamp do you recommend is more appropriate? Thank you

ONE HLG 260 V2 RSPEC Would be a good choice for your 3 x 3 space an also fit your budget Around 300 bucks. The 300 is also a good choice closer to 400. Good luck

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If you can afford HLG (not exactly “cheap” but worth the little bit extra) I’d get that

If that’s too high, kingbrite would be a less expensive brand that produces good results

Customer service is one thing that sets hlg apart from others, so if talking to a human in case an issue coming up is important to you, this is something to consider

Hope this helps you

One very important thing is don’t cheap out on your light. Probably the most important piece of equipment. 3x3 growing 2 plants I would assume, call HLG or get on website maybe still having there sell going on. Your looking around 300$ give or take for a good light for that space.