Question about what grow lights to get

From a fellow grower: Where do u recommend to get decent grow lights and do it have to be high watts or color

Wattage depends on wanted f!lowering foot print.
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Stay away from the Amazon burple lights. You’ll want a light built with high efficiency Samsung LM301 series diodes.

HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group,) Chilled, Fluence, and even some of the more recent Spider Farmer lights are decent.

Shoot for 35 - 50 watts of good lighting per square foot of intended canopy size.


Bare minimum get a Mars hydro but you’ll be much happier in the long run getting a hlg kit


If looking for led lights i would say Horticulture Lighting Group or Chilled Tech are two of the bigger names right now and have great reputations. Some others that also come to mind are Fluence Bioengineering, Gavita, Growers Choice. Most sell direct or through a handful of authorized retailers.

The size of grow light and light spectrum are both important. I would say light spectrum among top companies is at least similar. And you want to make sure your grow light is powerful enough for the space you’re trying to grow in. Radiometric flux is measured by ppf and all of the companies I mentioned will list this for their lights.


Electric sky company has good lights but u are goin to pay abit more for them spiderfarmer have great lights and marshydro has good lights aswell it depends on what you have to spend and if u want to buy a good light that will last you awhile then ur goin to spend more and i would say from what ive seen on YouTube about electric sky is that there one of the best thats why u pay more for them

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What kind of budget are you working with, and what is the footprint size of the area you intend to grow in? These are 2 crucial pieces of information that will help determine what light is best for your needs

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I cannot say enough about ChilLED Tech lights. Absolutely amazing quality and product. I got the DIY kit (very easy to assemble) for less than comparable HLG. I also use HLG but will only purchase ChilLED Tech going forward, better results personally.