4x8 grow tent lighting

I just purchased a 4x8x6.5 grow tent. What is the least expensive lighting option i could go with while still giving my plants everything they need? I try to do tons of research but there are always people that will say the light i was thinking about is no good.

I got some enfun qb boards 240w equivelant to hlg in ways. 149 bucks a set and 2 sets would get a 4x4 plenty good. Toolots has then if u search led lighting there.

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There’s many options for quality light now I would recommend a light made with Samsung diodes and a meanwell driver. The next thing I would focus on is the warranty and reviews of actual customers on how the customer service is.

My recommendation would be the two biggest middle of the price range companies and that’s Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer.

I just bought the new Spider sf7000 and two of these would produce some great bud in a 4x8, and for the $800 per you’ll get 650w each and at 18" every square inch of your tent will have a ppfd above 500 and 95% would be above 700

I understand a budget though so check out the cheap Amazon lights and then search YouTube and most of those lights will have an independent review either there or just Google

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Thank you! While looking under those parameters I found ECO FARM WATERPROOF LM301B 600W QUANTUM BOARD. Any knowledge of it?

No I believe it’s a brand new company because I hadn’t heard of em until probably a month or so but two 600w boards would be nice in there if it’s a good spread through the spectrum/par or I guess the best way to explain it is colors.

Looks like they use the same Samsung diodes as the Spider Farmer lights. Their 600w has 1308 diodes. I have 2 Spider Farmer SF-2000’s that have 606 diodes each that now cost $299.00. So for $600 would only have 1212 diodes with Spider Farmer. I use the SF-2000’s in a 4 x 4 grow room. Last grow was 6 auto flowers of which I lost 1 and still got 17+ oz. If I hadn’t lost the one plant would have been 20 oz. They put out a lot of good light.
The Eco Farm ppfd numbers look a little higher but the lifespan looks shorter so they may be pushing their diodes a little harder to get the higher numbers. Hope this helps.

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