Spider Farm (SF) vs Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG)

Its time to upgrade my lights. Been searching extensively but the more I search the more I have questions. So I have a 4x8 tent (120cm width x 240cm length). Which light from either brand would you choose. I was opting for one SF 4000 or two SF 2000 or else two HLG 320W XL QB V2 R SPEC. Prices are relatively close. @dbrn32 I know you’re an expert in this area any help?

Spider Farm SF4000 -

HLG 320 320w-xl-qb-v2-led-kit

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Dbrn will definitively get you sorted.

I just want to add that I prefer to do multiple smaller lights to give you flexibility.

In your current 4x8 you might have some plants at a different stage of flower or veg/different strains that might make some taller, sone shorter.

By having multiple lights you can tailor your light height per section.

I’ve got DIY QB288 boards that are the equivalent of the HLG 260w XL kits.

4-260 watt XL kits would fit well in your text.

If you decide to break the text up in 2, you’ll have that flexibility as well in regards to lights.


Was thinking about getting multiple smaller lights, the only thing is that I only grow 1 plant at a time since they get quite big and it’s not legal to have more than 1 plant in my country. Currently I have two Kingbo 900w leds, they served me very well for the past 2 years, 500g’s and 380g’s where the last 2 yields. So not really sure if I really need to upgrade them or not, don’t really understand the differences between the ones I have and the one I might potentially buy.

How big is your canopy with the 1 plant?

120cm wide x 240cm length and 200cm height (4x8). I bought the wider one as there needs to be space for the a/c, dehumidifier, chiller and possibly a co2 tank

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I’m not asking how big your tent is, that’s posted above. I’m asking how big your 1 plant is?

I’m not english don’t know all the terms what they mean, it grows around 110x110cm as the leaves from all corners used to touch the tent walls in the previous tent

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Two of the 260 kits is probably plenty for what you’re doing. Maybe go with 260xl to spread out coverage a little.

If possible can you explain what is the difference between the two led’s I currently have and the one’s you mentioned, I have two of the Kingbo 900watts, I want a much yield as possible, electricity is not an issue

Light spectrum is different and the lights I recommended provide about twice as much light per watt.


Understandable, are the spider farm as good as hlg? The two sf2000 or 1 sf4000? As I would prefer buying them through amazon uk and the hlg are only available on their website

I don’t think I I would say thet are as good, but they are a lot closer.

If I lived there i would see what diyleduk has to offer.

I live in Malta so everything is difficult to post to here or expensive! I will take a look at it tomorrow as currently its 3.30am here haha! Thank you for your help will reply tomorrow with what I find :blush:

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Same components. Meanwell driver and Samsung chips. I have the SF 2000 and couldn’t be happier.

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Any one knows where they have in stock the hlg 260xl? I cannot find them any where

I haven’t seen in stock. I think a lot of people started growing weed while quarantined lol.


I have SF 4000 exactly as you listed above. They are the BEST lights I’ve ever had. Excellent results.

Finally they are back in stock. Bought the sf 4000, this is my setup, blue dream on the way (also another sf 4000 is on the way)

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How much coverage for extra coverage does the 260 XL Provide?