Platinumled for around $600

960w of quality led is the lowest you wanna go. I run the FC4800 in a 4x4. (480w)

This light is awesome. I had 1 underachiever in there that only produced a bit over 2oz.
I pulled a total of 15.3oz from 4 plants. 1st time running the light. 2nd run will be only 1 plant. Shooting for over a lb.

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Second hand led from a vetted seller typically just fine. I buy and try and sell them myself. FB is nationwide shipping now and THEY guarantee product bought through them. Always use FB to finalise purchase unless a face to face meeting.


It has just been a matter of being around so many growers and seeing what works and what doesn’t and tracking the LED industry for a few years.

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I was just looking at those a few hours ago… bomb looking set up man… i might have to go with that

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Seriously had this up in my amazon app. Might be the light i go with to start.

I can get you a discount code that’s good on their website if you want to give that a look over. They make fans, heat mats and stuff. I sent them some suggestions tho. Their fans & filters should come with D rings for easy suspension with rope ratchets. Makes it much easier to install.

Edit: it would actually work out better on their site if buying 2 to fill the 4x8 space & get it over with. They bring the price down on the purchase of 2 + the discount code. Saves a little money than buying 1 now & 1 later.

Hey thanks, ive got a filter already, i would be interested in the discount code if you wouldnt mind sharing. I might do 2 now.

Edit: its only a 6 dollar price break so im not interested in that at all. I get their dealing with a lot of commercial growers but for the home grower, its not even worth it.

“Cannafam” is the code

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Thanks appreciate that

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Something is up with those prices. Check the eBay store. They are in the eBay store for 469.

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Yea i checked them verse amazon and ebay.

Its getting late. Im just gonna sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow.

Appreciate all the help. Probably leaning towards the mars hydro

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So I also havrva sf2000 andcits a great light.
I have 2 spiderfarmer lights, the sf2000 and there upgraded se3000.
2 sf2000 will just not be enough light for yours space.
I have used my sf2000 in my 2.5x5 closet and it worked.
And you could absolutely grow some nice nugs with 2 of them, as you continue yours research, you will see that any light will grow plants.
It’s just that the quality and quantity suffer greatly with under powered lights, but they will work…

I try to think of it as i need about 75-100 Watts per plant. Its not an exact science but its a great template to go by.
That would mean my sf2000 (200w) is good for 2 plants, my se3000 (300w) would be good for 3
My Roi-e720 (720w) is good for 7.

Plant size and other things can alter this widely of course.
but its a good "bench mark " to go by.

And I have never use FB market with shipping.
I only do the local face to face meeting…
It limits me greatly to what i have available.
But people will absolutely try and scam you if they think they can get away with it.

Sounds like @Storm actually haps experience with paying through FB and getting things shipped so maybe they can advise you on making safe payment…


We are small business owners while retired. We use many companies. If done legit through them products are covered. I know retired and business sound weird but we work when we want mostly.

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Watts per plant is really not valid at all. Rule of thumb has been 30 watts per square foot. Truth is it’s slowly going to 40 watts per square foot. And if you go over 40 watts per square foot life gets even better for the grower and the plants. Access to power gives you more choices concerning the dimmer and height one runs there lights at above the canopy.

3x3 Gorilla Tent with dual HLG 260 Rspec, w/UVA. That’s 538 watts total divide by 9 is 59.7 watts per square foot with no weakness in the corners or walls of tent. I have both fixtures set at 7 on the dimmer which has both lights pulling 200 watts each plus the 30 watt UVA for 430 watts for 47.7 watts per square foot and a ave. of 940 ppfd across the canopy.

The new 2x4 Gorilla setup is over kill with dual 350R’s w/UVA, but the control is wonderful. 690 watts max is good for 86.2 watts per square foot in the 2x4. Right now there both on first click of the dimmers with one fixture pulling 71 watts and the other at 81 watts for 152 watts total vegging two ATF’s at 500 ppfd. When it comes to flower time 900+ ppfd will be a cake walk with very little heat which will be nice when we hit the dog days of summer.


Does anyone have experience with bestva? Was looking at the 4000 pro, it looks like they might nicer lights than that on their websire as well

Just another POS cheap junk china light.

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Lol was leaning towards that, thanks

Appreciate all the help i got from everyone.

Was looking again today and came across an HLG Blackbird and that was it for me. Look good coverage for half the tent, full spectrum to play with w/ samsung diodes. Still dont understand why those are the holy grail but i just did a simple google search and didnt delve too much into it.

Ive got this thread bookmarked though for when i decide to open it up and get the whole thing cranking

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