Plant protector from ilgm

Is this product natural?

I believe all our products are natural if not natural Atleast organic

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I had found a small circle of little red bugs. I also noticed some leaves curling with cacoons under them. All the plants look pretty good, with areas here and there. I sprayed a double dose of bug protector today

It’s definitely safe. Human consumption too lol can’t you smell the garlic

Glad to hear. I found a few dead bugs this morning going to keep a close eye on things. I sprayed earlier this year going to make it a reg thing. Read something about making a pepper spray

I also picked up some food grade diatomaceous earth. Good for the crawlers.

IDK if de is organic or natural, but I have a grow in a swamp n it’s keeping it safe from bugs. Give me a min n I’ll take a pic of the bag n post it.

this stuff is keeping my out door grow bug free so far n I’m literally growing in the middle of a swamp

That stuff is fine, food grade means no poisons. Goes on veggies.

How is the ilgm bug blaster working for you?