Tiny bugs in marijuana soil

A question from a fellow grower:

any idea what miniscule almost silver micro bugs are that live in the grow dirt?
They may be eating my baby plants, or slowing the post germination.

SUper small, dont seem responsive to neem oil.

could be a few different critters. Neem oil and babies do not ix.

Find some, Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade CODEX. Sprinkle some in your soil and mix around. All soft shelled critters be gone; Including “Spider Mites”.

If you cannot find any; Let me know. :slight_smile:

i don’t know what those items are but will look!! thanks much.

Diatomaceous Earth is kind of like the old fashioned clay kitty litter, except it is food grade and the kitty litter clay stuff comes from saltwater beds and is not good for plants or people, diatomaceous earth comes from fossilized hard shelled algae and the garden and food grade stuff comes from fresh water beds. When used as an insect dust, for insects it is like crawling over broken glass but is harmless to pets and humans as long as you are not inhaling large quantities of the airborne dust, and in fact it is actually good for you as a mineral supplement when eaten or added in foods in small quantities. The food grade stuff can be found as a food additive in health food stores and is also usually easily found at garden supply outlets like home depot.

In facr; Digested bu Humans, or animals, DE works through the digestive system, and rids both Humans and animals of parasites, and worms.

De is actually; “fossilized shell flower”. De contains a complete array of minerals; Much like a multi vitamin.

I was just searching for this. I know its too late but can’t stop myself from commenting.

Even I was facing same problem long time ago . This bug was affecting whole plant. So one of my friend recommended me exterminator nyc which provides various pest control services under one roof. It really helped me to get rid of bug from soil easily.

Also, reportedly has detoxifying properties.

I get mine from a local farm store.

Smiles for everyone!

@MacGyverstoner just noticed these little white /silver in my brand new bag Of FFOF . The girls have just stuck their noses through the soil . How aggressively can I stir this into the soil if I am very careful not to damage the girls roots ? Or should I wait a week until they get a tiny bit bigger ? Also @latewood any help either of you could give would help

If you mean seeds just sprouted, then there are no roots to the side of the sprouts. I would lightly work it in with a fork. Dust the top of the soil, and gently work it in a inch or 2" deep, making sure not to get within 2" of your sprouts, and you should be OK. :slight_smile:

@latewood thank you for the help yes they have just sprouted and I’m pretty happy but nervous about doing anything with them except spray with water so I really appreciate your advise . Do you know if the Exhale Co2 bags that you activate and hang in the tent work good enough to keep a 32 x 32 in Co2 for three WW and one gold leaf ? Every time I ask a question I always feel like if I just look in the rite place you or one of the other people who are such a big help all of us newbies have probably answered it ten times already . Thanks again we do really appreciate all the time you invest in helping . P.S. I have a 600 watt hips. Light if you have a P.O.Box I will mail it to you as a thank you I will never use it to much heat for my tiny tent so I went with a 1000 watt full spectrum led.

HPS not hips

lol…damn man…you can mail the light my way if you wanna…

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It is actually just a bulb but if @latewood doesn’t want it no problem @oak he has helped me several times and I’m just trying to do the what comes around goes around thing.

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I have plenty of lamps, and I use the OEM lamps that come with system. Very affordable.

I have no problem with you sharing with Oak! Just keep in ind guys; Once you give up your info, privacy is what it is. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the kind gesture.

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As far as the Co2 bag. Never used one. I find that most Co2 products offered today work pretty good. Keep in mind with Co2 you only run it with lights on, and run tour temps about 10f higher than without Co2. :slight_smile:

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@latewood Definitely got you on the privacy issue that’s why I was wondering about a P.O. Box not a address I will just return it to Amazon and return the love by helping to pass along the knowledge from you guy’s once I get proficient in this . And it seems I’m going to have a problem with the Co2 bags it is a organic hanging bag that you let some goop drop in from the top to activate that grows mushrooms or some shit like that and releases Co2 pretty much 24 - 7 so I will have to be sure to remove it to the outside during light out. Thanks again . I have got to get the lingo down there is a ton of info I’m sure that I miss because everybody uses abbreviations and in the business jargon . Is there a post that is like a guide to understanding grower speak so I don’t have ask so many questions ?