Organically speaking?

Hello ILGM. What would be best to use for bug spray (organic) whilst in budding stage?

Outdoor grow right? What kind of insects are you having problems with?

Maybe there are some answers here for you:

IN a pinch; You can use an insecticidal soap that is labeled safe for vegetables. I would not use it past 2 weeks before flush or harvest. Follow directions.

It also would be helpful to know what pests are invading your space; As mentioned above. :slight_smile:

By the grace of the green God I have only a few pests I am fighting with and that’s thrips and gnats. I just want to prevent any mites that think they are going to come my way.Another thing is lil moths that think they are going to have caterpilars in my buds I have sprayed earlier on with caterpillar killer but will that do good for every bug .? Thanks guys . My girls are doing so good well some are …

For soft shelled bugs including Spider mites; I dust with :Food Grade" Codex Diatomaceous Earth, “DE”. Great stuff. You can get a 50lb. bag on ebay for 56 bucks.

I will be carrying smaller amounts in my new hydroshop in the near future. Most likely 1lb., and 5lb. bags.

You apply DE witha common hand operated garden duster.

I agree, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is great stuff, it is almost entirely non-harmful to mammals and humans, you can eat the stuff and it’s good for you. As with other “mineral” powders one must be careful not to inhale a lot of the dust (“silicosis”, but you need to be careful with this when working with perlite or rockwool as well, or even working around a lot of sand, people that live in places with lots of sand storms need to be careful of this as well, Egyptian mummies even have signs of this disease), but otherwise it is harmless. Even if there is a residual on the plant and you smoked it, it wouldn’t cause you any harm, it just would be harsh and not taste the greatest.