IPM pest management

I fought these russet mites for 2 weeks. In that time Black Widow grew only 3" and continued to yellow slowly from bottom up (leaves), no matter what I fed her. Lowrider had only 3 weeks to go; no flowering. They were in the meristem all the way to the top.
Ok I tossed them along with 3 Chrysanthiums (mums), on the back porch. These things destroyed my last grow and didn’t realize it.
I have 3 large 18 gal tubs on the back porch. One is coco, another is a new bag of Ocean Forest and another is whats left of 2 quarts of happy frog. I have put food grade diatamacious earth in all 3.
What all do i need to do to get up and going again? I have 24 viable Jack auto’s ready to throw down and 2 more Widows. Along with 5 OG bag seeds. How do u keep these pests away?
My wife had a green house at one time and never dealt with these critters!! Thanku!

Nature’s Good Guys has a triple-blend of three different predators, which might be a good strategy if you’re uncertain as to exactly what pest mite you have. They also have old reliable californicus mites.

If you order from them, consider ordering other predatory helpers, like mantises for example. Their shipping fee is flat.

Thank you for the information! I was using neem oil, spinosad, and diatamacious earth. Not that they don’t work but clearly the plants weren’t growing anymore

Diatomaceous earth doesn’t work, at least not in the way most people is it. I wouldn’t waste money on it or risk your health working with it. But that’s me.

There’s debate on neem for cannabis. I don’t use it, but I can’t advise you on whether or not there’s a health risk.

Spinosad is prohibited by the Washington State Department of Health. It’s fine for food crops, but smoking it is a different matter. The Washington DoH isn’t capricious; their rulings are based on empirical data. Many people here still use it and have survived, for what it’s worth.

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B careful with neem. After killing and or halting the growth of plants with neem, I have found it only safe to use on the soil to kill eggs. Leaves get suffocated by the oil often .
Mites usually appear after over watering, in my experience, spray some neem on soil and let them dry s bit maybe.

This is some info worth knowing. I did contact Natures Good Guys and received a reply pretty quick. I do plan on doing business with them. They suggested the andersoni, not sure I got that right but the ones for general use. Covers more mites. I appreciate this forum and the extra knowledge it has. Right now I am taking a break from cleaning everything. (With a mask).

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Thank you! I was wondering if the mites were hurting the plants more than the neem oil. It’s like they couldn’t breath.
I tossed the plants and have been cleaning and disinfecting everything.