Possible spider mites?

I just found these today and as this is my first grow I was wondering if it’s early spider mites damage? And also if it is does the alcohol or bleach method work? I am pretty sure there are no other cannabis plants anywhere close and I started from seed so I’m hoping they won’t be the really bad ones. Any help is appreciated

Looks like mites to me. I am having the same issue. Neem oil and h2o2 spray is my go to. No Neem oil during flower

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What can I do during flower? She’s about 2 weeks into flowering now

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Turn the leaf over and look at the underside up where the stem meets the leaf. You should see spider mites crawling around.

You can use a hose nozzle and spray the plant, you can spray the plant down with a 50/50 mixture of 3% peroxide and water, alternating every 5 days with Spinosad (Captain Jack’s Dead Bug) but you have to be consistent. I’m just not convinced you have the dreaded spider mites.


I wasn’t sure so I figured I’d ask some people that know more than myself. This is my first grow and I spend a lot of time with her and remove anything I find on her(except the lizards)and examine both sides of the leaves daily. I have seen no signs of any mites but that was the closest thing I could find in pictures that looked close. There was nothing on the bottom sides of any of the leaves that I could see and I inspected them pretty well with the naked eye. I just have put a lot of time and resources at this point and don’t want anything to fuck her up. I swear she’s like one of my kids… Well one of my kids that I plan on cutting down and setting on fire. Lol. Thanks for the advice. This is what she looked like yesterday. I’m a proud papa :joy:

I’ve controlled spider mites but it took a butt load of resources. I alternated spraying neem, pyrethrum, dusting with food grade DE, and peroxide mixture. Fuk those little basterds

Hi @Tlaf. Are the plants permanently outside? If they are I would not worry too much as nature usually provides enough predators to keep the mites in check . Its when the plants are indoors that they really run riot due to the favourable climate and no predators. I have never had too many issues with mites on outdoor plants but if you are keen to spray you must spray 3 times at 3 day intervals to break their breeding cycle. Good luck with your plants.

Yes sir. Permanent outdoor grow. I had thought that we have enough outdoor predators down here and thought it strange that mites are just now showing up after all these months of growing out there. Thank you sir. I appreciate it. I’m going to hose her down good this afternoon. She needs watered today anyways.

I’m a newbie here, and I love my tools. Last year I came across a microscope 60x magnification power with LED lights only $12.00. This year I had a chance to use it on a plant that I had gotten from a dispensary. After a week or so went by she showed me a very large beautiful Golden Leathery water leaf. Never have grown JH before…so…what that hell right! No problem until that beautiful leaf started curling. This ain’t right I know.! Remembered the scope.MG!There’s an amazing LIFE under there. Along with these busy 8 legged almost see through bodied creatures!!!So off into the wild blue networks I go…there’s a lot of info out there. This is one of the best sites and I do believe there’s a topic called Plant care and Diseases here. Check it out