Spider Mites, Arrrrrgh!

About two weeks away from harvest and one of my plants is infested with spider mites. Bad. Just in the last few days, they have clobbered this plant. It’s full of webs and crawling things. I’ve tried DE (covered the plant in DE) and pyrethrin. Pulled out my loupe and the little bastards were laughing at me!

  1. Can this plant be saved to see it through to completion? Is there a miracle spider mite killer that won’t ruin my buds?
  2. Should I chop it and get it out of the grow room? So far the other 5 plants aren’t showing signs of infestation.
  3. If I do chop it, is there any way, like doing a bud wash to get rid of the DE and insecticide that will allow the buds to be smokable.
  4. Any way to permanently get rid of these microscopic demonic bastards?

BTW I’m growing in hydro (RDWC), indoors, in a 6x8 foot grow room. Temp low to mid 70s. Humidity between 40-50%.


I am growing in soil and using a product called organicide. Seems to have cleared them up after a week or so of daily application. I am in soil.


I fought them quite successfully during veg with Captain Jacks Dead Bug but this far in flower I’m unsure if you want to smoke all these chemicals you’ve doused her with. Especially the DE you put on her.


Spray them with capt jacks and do a thorough bud wash immediately after harvest

I trashed 12 plants 4 weeks before harvest because of them little f!@#ers!!!

I’m not worried so much about the DE. I can rinse that off when I do the bud wash. I really hate hitting them with insecticide, even organic insecticide so late in the game. I rinsed off the DE this morning with a sprayer and sprayed with Captain Jack’s. I also brushed the webbing away. Pyrethrin and and bonide are supposed to be safe up to the day before harvest and are considered “organic”. I still don’t like using them.

Any thoughts on spider mite prevention? I don’t even know how the little cannabis-destroying rat-bastards are getting into my grow room. I wonder if I’m carrying them in on my skin or clothing? Anyone know the mechanics of spider-mite infestation?

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Neem oil root drench. That’s how I got rid of my thrips. No bug like sucking neem juice


Mountain organic botanicals make some superb products the leaf shine 2 especially for spider mites. Too late in flower to use now but if you could get some lady bugs ordered in time they can 8-10 mites an hour i release them twice during flower just in case. Good luck!!


Will they eat ghats?

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How do you do this? What’s the procedure? Thank you, I have ghats again but I do have them under control, but want the little bastards dead! No spider mites that I know of?

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I forgot exactly the measurements you’ll have to read the instructions but it’s like a tsp of neem in a gallon of water and feed the plants. The plants suck up the neem water and the bugs that suck on the plants instantly detach and leave, it doesn’t kill them just makes them not want to be there


I believe I brought my mites in hitchhiker style to the grow room from my outdoor garden. By the time I realized I had them it was full on. I took the plants outside for the wknd and gave them 4 total saturations (morning/night/morning/night) and that was the last I saw them. Plants made a full recovery. I was in veg at the time. CJDB

They will definitely get to your other plants if you don’t separate them. I get them into the shower and spray off as many as possible with water, lean them over and blast up under the leaves. Mites hide in the leaf veins near the stem. Then I spray with Killamite and follow that up with using a shaving brush dipped in Killamite to sweep under each leaf. Where I live, the mites appear after windy weather so when it’s going to be windy I spray peroxide to deter them, but they are proper bastards.

Dont get me started. Why are they on this earth???

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I know right? I try not to hate them because I know they must be important somehow lol but why so many??