Spider Mites at Harvest time

Hi Everyone. I have 5 autoflowers that are close to being ready to harvest, but they are infested with spider mites. For weeks I have been trying to battle them, but they won and I give up. This may sound gross, but is it still smokable if I give them a thorough bud wash with water/peroxide? I hate to lose the whole harvest, but if a bud washing won’t get rid of remnants that could be harmful I’ll just have to call the whole grow a loss. Thanks in advance for any info.

Hello! Can we see some pics to evaluate the damage done by the mites? However a bud wash should do the job.

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just pretend the little popping noises are seeds. just kidding. i had mites too. bummer. wash it dry it smoke it.


Sure, here are the pics, I hope they’re clear enough. See the one with the webbing, this reappears within 2 days after completely washing it under running water. I sprayed every other day with Jack’s Dead Bug, and I also put a fan full blast on them . These things are relentless. I’m gonna take a few months off of growing after this just to make sure they are all dead before I start again. Thanks!


:rofl: Yuck!! I just may though, I hate to waste.

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I am sorry to see that! They did a heavy damage. I would chop and save what is savable by washing. @Covertgrower Old Ninja can you suggest something else here?


Yep, do a thorough wash with peroxide, and you should be okay.


And do a THOROUGH cleaning of your tent and equipment after harvest.


Thanks for the replies!