Spider Mites after harvest

I took one of my plants down the other day. Basically because of Bud Rot. I put one of the buds under my scope to look at trichromes and saw a few mites in it. Should I wash the buds? How do I get them off? Not sure what to do here.

Washing should rid you of the mites and give you a nice clean end product

Video is for wpm but should work for you as well
Reinspect after washing

Hope this helps


Harvest time is in the air, and this video have been shared 743 times in the last week :slight_smile:


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I did the wash. I hung the buds to dry in front of a fan for 4 hrs. They dried up well. Better than I expected. I took a few buds and put them under my digital scope and saw that they spider mites were still alive. They are some tough dam bugs. Any other suggestions? How long will they stay alive on my buds? I really don’t like the fact of smoking bugs. Dead or alive.

hang the buds /branches upside down on some lines in a cool dark spot. As the buds dry the mites will have nothing left to feed on and will climb higher looking for fresh material, they usually vacate the plant altogether and congregate en mass at the end of the lines and die with no food available.

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Thanks man. :slight_smile:

How do you get rid of spiders mints

After hanging and drying they were gone.


Hey there, I’m new to the site but am in need of some help. I just tossed our two of my plants that were weeks from being done after I found a spider mite infestation( I completely hate spiders lol ) so I got 4 more plants rocking out of the veg tent. I cleaned my other tent all over but am concerned about them returning. I was running it around 21degrees and 30% humidity and came home after working away for 8 days to and infesting plAnt.

Sorry for the winded reply. I brought the plants in from outside ( in a idiot I know ) so I’m wondering if I should change the conditions or let another cycle go ?

Gday @Sutton, sorry for the late reply I have no spare time lately and have not been online much.
Sorry to hear about your plants , spider mites can really be a pain in the arse. You have done the right thing by thoroughly cleaning your flowering tent and starting with some fresh plants. Anything you bring inside from outdoors will more than likely be carrying some form of insect or disease and should be thoroughly sprayed or treated prior to the indoor move.For spider mites that means 3 successive sprayings over a period of 10 to 12 days to break their breeding cycle. Just be aware that the mites could also be in your veg tent so a thorough inspection could be in order. Your temps are a little low , The sweet spot is around 25 degrees c and your humidity could also come up to around 40 percent. Keep things clean and inspect the indoor plants before you go into the outdoor garden and that should minimize any further issues. Good luck with your grow.:


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1 more question for you. I work out of town for 6 days at a time. I’ve set up my grow to be automatic. But say it the humidifier ran out of water on day say 4 and humidity dropped to 30 again. Would those mites come back that fast ?

The humidity or your temps have nothing to do with your Spider Mites infestation.

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Spider mites and mites in general are like catching the aids virus… unless your Charlie sheen or Michael Jordan and have a ton of cash to throw at this , your fuc&ed…
Hard core treatments and no growing for a month or 2 and clean everything from top to bottom , twice… that includes your house and your car and everything you touch… even your old lady’s cooter…
You’ve been infected…
Good luck my friend… :wink:



Haha thanks for the insight :+1: I’m doing a bunch of stuff to break the cycle, I’ll keep fighting the good fight and the end result with be nice clean bud

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Can someone please give me some advice… I am at a loss. My dad thinks spider mites but I was thinking mold or something else. He has been growing for a extremely long time and had never seen this happen. He is 77 and its so hard to make him listen. Lol
Any advice would be appreciated.

Yup, Spider Mites.


Also looks like some bud rot/mold. Don’t smoke it.