Spider Mites or am I tripping

There were some yellow dots spread around the fan and under the leaf were these two red dots. so i used the cozy magnifying app to look at them but im not really sure if its a problem or not. I was doing some research and so that spidermites are red too but usally in the pictures it was already a big problem. If it is spider mites what can i do because im in the flowering stage right now.

ig problem.


Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice is safe through all cannabis stages!


Can i spray it on the buds also

Yup. Would recommend a bud wash after harvest. Look up Jorge Cervantes bud wash on YouTube. Not sure if you have a pest or not, but always good to be on top of it. Good luck!

Thank you

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Word. That’s what this place is for :sunglasses::palm_tree::green_heart:

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Also though when u wash the bud do you dry first or directly after cutting.

Directly after cutting. It’s a simple process.

5 gallon bucket filled with water and a big cup of hydrogen peroxide. Swish around in the bucket gently so you don’t damage the trichomes or break your buds. Then rinse either with another bucket of plain water, or you can use a gentle shower attachment on a hose.

Edit. Move the buds around in the water w/peroxide for a good minute or two.

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Alr cool. Its my first grow so i was kinda scared when i seen it.

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They can get out of control really fast, you’ll want to stay on top of them.

Under optimal conditions (approximately 27 °C), the two-spotted spider mite can hatch in as little as 3 days, and become sexually mature in as little as 5 days. One female can lay up to 20 eggs per day and can live for 2 to 4 weeks, laying hundreds of eggs.

So, once you have adults, their population can multiply by a factor of roughly 5-7, every day.

You need to break their life cycle. Treat the plant completely, every other day, and also every last houseplant you own, on the same schedule, because they’re probably the source.

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Should he/she be spraying just at lights out? If an auto, should they turn the lights off to spray, let the plant dry and then turn lights on? I’ve been told NO foliar spray with lights on.

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Correct, you always want to spray when light and wind is low

Ive had spider mites & might still, but so far i havent found a live one, but i try to spray every couple or 3 days, ive been switching back n forth between rosemary essential oil mixed with water & a drop of dish soap. Or 1/4 cup milk, 5ml rubbing alcohol & couple drops dish soap to a gallon of water. I spray with either the lights turned way down & fans off. Or i bring them out & spray & keep them out til they dry. Hope this helps, it does kill em


If you can catch couple lady bugs.they ruthlessly take xare of 8or10 mites/aphids a day.great natural remedy.unless its progressed to point where more extreme action is called for.have a friend who used neme oil.hope you get it taken care of

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All of my first three indoor grows had mites. After the last infestation I completely bleached the tent and set off two bug bombs in the room. Also a weekly spray of CJDB. This grow no mites…yet.

For the second spray can i spray it on the bud also

I would have cut that leaf off knocked it onto a piece of paper and then looked at it. So I could more readily identified it. The above stuff will help either way though.

Yea i snapped it off and took a picture