Ilgm bug blaster?

Has anyone used this? What are the results?

I use and (de just veg stage for) Very little insect damage. Once a week. Apply it before night time

Thanks bruda. Hopefully the bug blaster gets here this week. I already got the seeds I placed with the same order😎 for next grow
Do you use the bug blaster during flowering? @bruinsfan33

I haven’t gotten that far yet lol but it’s natural. Can could always rinse the buds off after.

Until I tried to grow outside I hadn’t realized how many different species of bugs was just in my backyard. Ants, grasshoppers, potato bugs, dragonflies, flies, spiders, caterpillar looking things and about 50 other insect species flying or crawling around. The DE works great on the soil and perimeter but something continues to munch leaves. Can’t wait for the bug blaster to arrive. I should have ordered months ago. But if it’s half as good as the seeds are these bugs are in trouble.


Ok my plant protector kit finally arrived with the bug blaster. It also has a mildew mold spray that comes with it.
Question? Can I spray the bug blaster on the plants even though there is still DE residue and powder?

And can I use/spray simultaneously with the mildew spray? Can I spray them both on at the same time?
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I don’t think it’s a issue but let’s see what the others say

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I would get the powder off first before spraying, and also im not sure about using both at the same time

How would you suggest getting powder off? Thanks @Majiktoker

Rinse off with water @SourD sorry for the delayed response

I didn’t get your response til this morning. But I couldn’t go another night without doing something so I managed to get as much DE off the leaves as I could before spraying with the bug blaster. The bugs were scurrying off the plants as I sprayed in mass exodus due to what must be the potent garlic chili pepper smells of the ilgm bug blaster. I went to bed a happy camper.
This morning seems that it had worked pretty good. There weren’t as many insects around at all, but there were a few spider webs. And I smell garlic😁

It did leave a white residue on the leaves from DE. Should I wash them by hand or just leave alone?

Also a couple leaves on one plant have orange spots and are dying. Do you believe this is from the sun or maybe a nutes problem? I started feeding the ww autos fox farm tiger bloom about once every5/6 days.
Thank you @Majiktoker

What strength the look slightly burned, Andy pleasure buddy.

Leaving a residue id leave it alone

Burned from the sun or from the tiger bloom? @Majiktoker

Click on picture

Should I pull these leaves off?

What strength are you feeding them and personal choice if they are bushy I dont think itd hurt

I just gave them the recommended amount 2 tsp @Majiktoker

Could it be sun related? A couple leaves are like that on a bag seed plant and I’ve given them nothing but water

It could be a possibility

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