Ph in soil 5.1 in all plants

My water is distilled and I was using Cal-mag 1 tsp per gal in every watering. My plants look good but with a ph that low I am afraid of stressing them. My water going in is 7 and coming out it is 6.9, not much different. They are 5 weeks old tomorrow. I have Ph-up and ph-down but don’t know how much of the up to put in gal of distilled water. Please help me before I lose them. Don’t have a clue how to send pictures but like I said the plants looked great but I am sure not for long. Please help me by telling me how much to use. My seeds are from ILGM, Patriot Mix. Help me please!

What are you using to test your pH?

a little goes a long way…try adding a few drops per gallon and recheck ph

@roseofsharon That run-off number of 6.9 is what we usually check when testing soil pH. So, your pH is actually only slightly higher than the ideal of 6.3-6.8. Next watering, adjust the pH of your input down to 6.5, and see what the run-off says.

If you’re using a soil probe for testing, unless it’s a $300 model, they’re fairly inaccurate for our purposes.


I used the General Hydroponics ph control kit to get my in and out measure and rapitest meter for soil by Luster Leaf. I just went down stairs to check on things and all of the girls look really good. I planted them in a half and half mixture of Fox Farms Frog and Fox Farms Bushdoctor soil. I have never heard of anyone on this site mention latter. Both looked pretty much the same only I think the Bushdoctor had more perilite in it. I am going to have to do something because they should be watered. So how much of ph down in a gal of distilled water. I don’t read any where about the amount to use. If my soil ph is already low how will the high ph work? I hope you have the time and patience to keep on helping me. Some where I read about a slurry test with this tester. Tomorrow I will order me a better instrument with your help:confused:

Your soil pH is 6.9. That is a bit high, not low. The input was 7.0, and your run-off read 6.9; the run-off is the number to read for your medium’s pH.

When using pH buffers, start with a drop or two, then test. Then readjust until you get to your target.

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my guage for soil say they are 5.1 up to 5.7. The water going in and out say 7.0 going in 6.9 coming out.

Forget that soil gauge. :grinning: The results you want are from the run-off.

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I highly recommend a digital pH meter, such as an Apera. It makes testing pH so easy. I started out using the drops, and it gets really tedious after a bit. A digital meter is worth the money.

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Do you have to have a different instrument to measure the ppm and ec??? I was looking at the Apera 20 and the Apera PC60 5N1. I don’t want to have to buy anything more. I bought a light meter and I could have done without it. I will buy what you think I will need. Which one?

The pc60 is a combo? I know they do have a combo. The 20 is a great pH meter! They’re a solid brand that a lot of growers trust.

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I stupidly bought 2 seperate ones, when I could’ve saved $$$ by buying the combo.

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ok I will order the 20, thank you. Now I would like to see if I can send a picture of my set up here to you.

so should I buy the combo?

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Yeah I did it.

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I think you’re going to find the combo to be your most useful grow tool.

Now we can see your grow. Yay!

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Thank you for all your support. I wanted to start a grow on here but needed to be able to send pics first. I think I have it figured out and I am ordering the combo. I will let you know how my plants are doing. I also will need help with my new instrument. lol Your the best!

I was using junk. The plants look great and it didn’t add up. Getting ready to order an Apera.

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Please tag me in when you start your journal.

Distilled water has no solids so no potential hydrogen (PH). As a result the distilled water will instantly adopt whatever the PH of the media is. This does not apply the moment you add dissolved solids to your distilled water. So if you are only using distilled it’s pointless to try to adjust the soil PH by adjusting the distilled water.

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I have the same Apera pH and love it @blackthumbbetty :slight_smile:
Come to think of it, you might have been the one who suggested it.

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