Soil PH and run off are different, but my soil meter says im neutral.. im lost

My water is at a PH of 6.8 and my soil is at 7 (so the meter says), but when i check the run off the PH is 4.4. Why?

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Are you using one of those two prong ph/light/moisture meters? They don’t work for ph. What are you using to test run off? Have you calibrated it? Recently?

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That’s exactly what im using. Im using the vivosun PH and TDS meter. I just recently received them and calibrated as soon as i got them.Thanks for having me.

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Our pleasure! Is their a plant in this soil? Is it still alive?

Yes and yes


Looks great! Weird? I don’t see how that 4.4 ph reading could be accurate…

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What soil are you using? Be specific

Foxfarm Strawberry fields

I did a quick search. It supposed to have a ph of 6.3 - 6.8. Do you have any left in the bag to do a slurry test?

Did you use distilled water to mix up your calibration crystals?

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Yeah i still have some, and yes i used distilled. Im thinking about flushing it, i had my ppm at like 750 and the run off was 1050 i believe. Forgot to mention that earlier.

That’s strange. Something seems off with it. The plant looks great for soil being at 4.4.

That’s what is so confusing! I gave her a good flush and the ph started to rise as i did to the proper range. I flushed until the only ppms were from the water, i then got my water to a ph of 6.5 I gave her a light feeding about 580 ppm and the ph dropped to 5.8.

Wonder if the peat moss has broken down. Peat moss is acidic, close to the 4.4 you were reading. The dolomite in it should have balanced that out. Are you adding nutes yet?