Low runoff PH 4.0 or less

Im PH my water to 6.0-6.5 and i just tested my runoff for the first time and its testing at 4.0 or lower. Any thoughts or problems with that? Ive always tested my water before feeding and ive never had a problem and my plant looks great even right now but the runoff is so acidic.

You’ve never tested the run-off?

How old is your plant? Medium you’re using? PH of tap water? Nutes? What is the EXACT pH of your input?

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almost 8 weeks old, FF Ocean, PH of the tap water is around 5. I add Cal mag and use General hydroponics trio. i cant tell you the exact because my two digital ph monitors broke and now im testing manually with ph test kit. Its in the range of 6-6.5.

Its also my first water since transplanting it, so theres alot of new soil and stuff in it. Idk if it just needs time to even out or what.

Next time ph water to 7.0 for next couple of waterings

Hmmmm, that is some acidic tap water. You might need to look into distilled or ro water.

That is a huge range.

Do a slurry test.

3-4oz distilled water, 2 tbsp soil from around the root area, mix them well and let sit for 15min. Then test.

This is about as accurate a soil reading as you can “easily” get.