Soil ph wow was i suprised

Ok i brought a ph soil test kit today and when i got home i decided to check my ph in my soil and man oh man i wasnt expecting this result in one of my pots the ph was 8.5-9.0 and the other one was more 7.5 -8.0 so i went back out to get some sulphur powder to bring my soil back down to 6.5 -7.0 i have watered it in i will give it a few days before i test my soil and besides my girls are almost done hopefully i havent stuffed things up fingers crossed

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If you PH the soil with balanced water until the runoff is 6 - 6.5. Then make sure you check PH and ppm of water/food when you feed them. If you do that then you shouldnt need to check the soil. Just measure runoff to make sure PH is in range and ppm is lower than what you put in. Chances are it will be good 90% of the time unless something is going on outside of you controlling it. For instance root rot/ brown algae will drop PH, other mechanisms can raise it like less food from plants eating. If your food and PH is on point you can reach the goldilocks zone where your food, light, environment is balanced and plants will eat and ph will remain the same instead of going up. First time i hit goldilocks in hydro i was amazed when it took a full 2 weeks before i had to adjust it.

See i dont do ppm run off or ph run off i ph my water to 6.5-6.8 but more around 6.5 and im growing organically

Hard to tell if the ladies are eating or how well if you dont, but you can get away with it. I like to see/measure to confirm they are ok, or want more or less food. You will notice that they are acting different “eating less” if something is wrong before you start seeing signs on leaves etc.

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My girls are close to being ready anyway there got until the first week in april

What kind of test kit did you get?
Curious what its pH would be is a slurry test is done.
When I mixed soils I added too much dolomite lime which raised the pH. I did a little remix and and ran pH water and it came down in range.

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That cost me $21:50 here in Australia

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Thanks I have not tried any of them. Some use strips and other chemical test

I just tested my soil again after i added the sulphur its been about five or six hours now and both pots are at 7.0

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I’ve ran into this issue before from reusing old potting soil too many times. If lime is the cause beware that 7.0 today will change tomorrow. Read the plant if she looks good leave it be that’s my two cents. Good luck

Thanks i think next grow i will start with fresh soil i am growing with organics thou you wouldnt think u would that much of a problem with soil ph .i have re tested my soil everything is fine now i will check the soil ph again in a week my girls are very close to being finished anyways i mite look at reusing my soil for a worm bin i mite start growing my own worms and harvesting my own worm castings and liquid i brought a bag of worm castings the other day for a 15 kg bag it was $29.99 a bag

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I raise chickens, the bottom, the dirt in my chicken pen is basically a worm composting super fund site.

I’m building a greenhouse and an outdoor garden site. I am building up my soil at both sites now with horse manure, chicken pen compost, gypsum, humic acid, spent potting soil, vermiculite, and basic slag. Spring is almost upon us here.

I have Northern lights clones from the window to the wall , I just popped 9 white widow autos and 2 maui wowie and ordered white widow photo and runtz for the greenhouse. I’m building it using tinted or smoke polycarbonate panels.

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Nice sounds like your goong to have a great garden

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I’m gonna try the bugs this year for mold and mildew, I see they now sell them at walmart in the garden center. I also have a gallon of a product called Athena Cleanse. It’s a type of acid that’s supposed to kill all mold and mildew on contact. It’s getting the crop off here with the humidity and mildew that’s the problem.

Well hopefully it works and hopefully it doesn’t damage ur plants ,ive never had a problem with pests or mold ive had problems with heat and rh and soil ph

The humidity in early summer brings out the mildew then the mold outdoor here. We use to grow long season sativa’s here that did not have these issues but I have lost the genetics through some failed crops. Almost anything with Afghan in it molds here.

You’re doing organic. It shouldn’t matter. The microbes should produce the food at a proper ph.


@Aussie_autos Are u using too much lime? You grow any outside there or just inside as I was just wondering what your weather is like outside and how long your outside grow season is.

I dont use lime and i grow inside i dont grow outside either where i live its very humid and hot cause it was just summer but we are goin into autumn soon

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QTezza2 @Jarlax When you feed check your ppm before and after. If after is higher your plant isnt taking in nutes and if lower they are eating.