Outdoor Grand Daddy Purple

Gallon of rain water and 5ml of cal/mag for the girl this morning, soaking up the rays.

Bunch of cloudy rainy weather, got her inside under the make shift light set up, supposed to clear up tomorrow and hopefully can get her outside permanently to flower.

Outside permanently now and growing so fast now…

1 week outside permanently and they are in full stretch and showing pistols!!!

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2 weeks into flower, she is stretching on out and in full flower mode. Adding half strength nutrients today, lollipop and defoliated as well. Love the colage of the 2 weeks of growth. M

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3 weeks into flower, stacking very nicely, upped the feed today and she was thirsty. Fed 11ml/gal grow/micro/bloom, 5ml/gal cal/mag and big bud, 1 tablespoon molasses.

Little morning porn, she is just stacking and swelling, tricomes coming on and has that great GDP funk, curious to see if cooler temps that are coming will bring some good coloring.

At what point do the leaves turn purple? I’m growing outdoors in my tomato patch zone 5-6 …s o I should be harvesting in about a month and I don’t see ant purple…

My indoor grownof it didn’t turn fully purple, had some purple colors in it, but not really dark, some phenos don’t go full purple.

Thinned out some big fan leaves, she’ll be ready for water tonight probably.

Took individual pics of the 4 tops. I think this is a very nice plant.

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Pre sun up pic this morning.

Day 35, she is cruising anand fattening up. Got sosome cooler night temps and sitting outside at sunrise is so comfortable.

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Week 6 done, probably 1-1/2 more weeks of nutrients then flush time. She is plumping up now.

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Lookin good. Nice sunny days and they will get bigger. Love the GDP. Great strain.

Plump, plump, plump it up.

Thinned out some fan leaves this morning.


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Flash shot

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