Outdoor Grand Daddy Purple

Your plants look great!! The frost is really starting to show👍
Looks like we’re in the same ball park with our grows. I have 4 regulars growing and they are about 3 to 4 weeks from harvest.
Lucky the weather is going to be mild for a few, especially at night time

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Thanks man. Yeah she is really turning out nice. GDP is a grower and a shower for sure.

I like taking pics daily to see continued changes. I do not have small fingers and put it next to a top.


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I’m try…but failing…not to look at my plants more than once a day!
My wife swears that I’m obsessed…and who am I to disagree when she’s correct!
It just makes everything so worthwhile when those buds start to fatten up and glisten.
I have a total of 9 plants growing right now, 4 regular and 5 autos. I’m falling in love with my GSCE which is a few days away from harvest.

Here’s a close up


Beautiful! Great work!

Got out the good camera.


Day 49, time for the flush to begin, going to let her go until she says she’s ready. No leaves have turned colors yet so we’ll see what happens. Do have some bugs, sprayed azamax last earlier in the week, will spray once more after 7 days. Will be fine after a nice long flush. Calyx are really fattening now with a little foxtailing that looks cool. Smells very berry as my last indoor grow of it was, hopefully this as potent, looks like it is.

2nd and last app of azamax for whatever little choppers are on the leaves. That ass is getting nice and thick on her.

Chopped at day 56, very heavy and massive buds.

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Definitely makes all the work and time worth it in the end!
Nice grow👍

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Thank you

Started trimming last night, these are the 2 small tops.

Got 2 big Mason jars of buds and a full jar of trim. Tot bad for 1 plant, last time I grew GDP it was half this amount, very pleased now for a good 2 week cure before testing.

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1 week in jars, smell really starting to come back out now.

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I grew GDP this summer 2021. Best grow ever for me. 4 plants, 7’ tall, gorgeous!!! Three days of rain in October that destroyed it all. Bud rot got tnem. Prolly 4 lbs. I cried.

Oh god man, sorry to hear about that, feel awful for that. Unfortunately it can happen.

Started my grand daddy purp 2 days ago. Bring indoors at night and place under 20w led. Should i not be puttinh under light at night? Just keep in dark till morning. Im from mass. Its still 60s here