Grand Daddy Purple Buds today 8-25

I took a few close-up shots of my girls today. They are coming along nicely. My first grow since 1978, Seriously! Anyway they were Grand Daddy Purple seed I got from ILGM. I sprouted 7 out of 8, one clunker, and saved two just incase things didn’t go well. The sprouts were planted directly into 10 gallon pots outdoors between May 15 and June 1st. I’m getting there.


Strange I was expecting some purple display given the name. Looks they frosting nicely.

My ladies are of a similar age.

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Looking good! Give it time, colors are coming soon…


Nice photography


I think I’m a few weeks from any purple color showing up. I really don’t care what color it comes out as long as it does the trick!!! :laughing:


@Bozzzzz you got a pic of the whole plant?

I will. Was shooting with my macro lens yesterday.

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Quick photo from this morning.


Looking good.

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Yeah we’re getting there. About 6/7 more weeks til harvest!

Me too if this hurricane don’t wipe it out brother!

OMG bro. They’re saying winds of 150 mph. Can you bring them inside at all? We had a hurricane last week, but I was able to wheel my girls into the barn for the day.

Some I can that are in pots but those in the ground is what it is

Got my fingers crossed for your girls. They’re probably pretty strong right about now. They should weather the storm because they are flexible and will bend with the wind unlike and oak tree that will snap.

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Update for today 9-4-21 Colas are beginning to fatten up. About 6 weeks to go on these GDP.

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Plants look fantastic and healthy.

I’m in eastern NE and looking for other perspectives as this decision to grow outdoors was a whim not planned really.

Not grown outdoors since 70’s either.

As my nephew just told me “you’ve learned a lot in a year” he’s flying back to Colorado today. I gifted him some Cement Shoes and GGA seeds last night.

I’ve got some GDP clones that are just over 4 weeks in flower. Transplanted from 3 gallon plastic nursery pots to 10 gallon fabric sacks outdoors end of April 2021. All in FFHF/perlite amended. Have 2 pheno with purple striatikns in stems and trunk 4 others just green. The mother was grown indoors and finished in March 2020 grow room was chilly so I did get some nice colors.

My question is do you defoliate and if not why not. I did and of course NOW I see others have GDP in flower outdoors but no one is defoliating……

I’m anal about bud rot or mold given that I wanna keep them outside as long as possible and have no idea what kind of weather I’ll have as they near the finish line. I do have a good amount of ground over material/frost barrier if necessary. I thought if I defoliated now I wouldn’t have to touch them again and left enough foliage I hope for decent flowering to continue. I should have done one of each pheno and left one alone for comparison. Why would anyone THINK after they act? Omfg

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I have been defoliating right along. When the fan leaves show yellow I pluck them. If they’re blocking a bud I pluck them. The dark green fans and all the smaller fans on the colas I leave be. We’ve had two hurricane like storms in the last month with gallons of rain. I feel they get better air flow to dry out with less fan leaves. As those fans begin to yellow they are no longer aiding in the photosynthesis process, however the plant is still wasting energy to try to feed them. That energy would be better served feeding buds! However, I wouldn’t go crazy and give your girls a major haircut all at once. Don’t shock them. Up here in the Northeast time is running short and harvest is right around the corner. You want those last 5/6 weeks to be all about your flowers. Less fan leaves, less trimming.


Are we there yet? Lol
I’m hoping this weather holds another 2-3 weeks w/o hurricanes and such

Cloudy all day today then three days of sunshine. I keep dragging my plants under the gazebo when rain is forecast. Don’t want them getting drenched now and developing bud rot with 4 weeks to go. We need a dry October. I’ll supply the water myself along with other goodies. I have to say; it sure smells wonderful under my gazebo when the girls are hiding from the rain!

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Amen brother on all points. I’m now obsessing about the cure.
I did find a journal here under harvesting that is providing some very good direction at least.

I may just pull a window AC from storage and fire it up in the spare room and use my two 4x4 tents to dry the girls out. I’m hoping for a really nice harvest and wanna do them proud.
Looks like constant 60 degrees or close to that and 60% humidity is the ticket to drying.

The curing is what I’m still anxious about but I’ve got tools on the way.

Good luck with your girls!!!