Outdoor Grand Daddy Purple

Figured I’d start a Grand Daddy Purple to put outside at the end of August, given the cold doesn’t come until mid to late November here. Starting it in my cellar under my 315 CMH, in soil, will transplant it into a 5 gallon bucket with Fox Farm soil and using Advanced Nutrients if necessary to finish, and cal/mag. I have a great place where tomatoes are that get sun all day long.


Nice little setup you got going on and. I’ll tag along if you don’t mind. I just recently started some GDP so id love to compare grows along the way. My GDP is about 3-4days old now. Growing in coco indoors

Hell yeah man, let’s ride together!


When u transplanted did u tear the netting on them root cubes. It will help the plants grow bigger and faster after transplant. If u didnt watch the next grow dont use the starter plugs like u did. Put some soil or coco in solo cups and watch the differences the plants will make without the netting being left behind. The netting dont break down fast enoigh for the plants to be able to get the roots to stretch fully like they should. Ull see ull have a smaller rootzone at the base of these plants than ones that have free roam of the soil. Good lick ive got 2x gdp autos going right now but inside

Never had an issue with that before but will give it a try next time.

Just kind of cruising along here, 1st set of real leaves coming out. Just water for now.

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I used bottled water to water them and I don’t think they liked it, got some serious clawing/yellowing going on. Getting some rain the next few days so stuck her outside for a good flush and back under the light at night.

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Was definitely the bottled water, went to get it this morning to put outside for some good sunlight and more rain flush tonight and it’s completely recovered and leaves praying to the light. I’m seriously thinking of getting a rain barrel and only using rain water for water from now on.



Doing her thing, loving the outdoor sunlight. I bring her in around 5 and put her under the light until she gets to 18 hrs of light for the day.

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Hey man! Virginia here. I’ve got a couple Granddaddy Purples going outside for our first short legal growing season here. YAY!

Started indoors in mid-late May and went outside full time the middle of June.
I shaded them for the first few days then just let them rip in the full sun and they’re doing great.
I’m in pots this year but I might go to ground next year since I just ordered the G13 from ILGM.

Crazy thing is - these ladies are in last years re-purposed tomato pots. LOL
The pots have been outside all through the winter and spring rains so I’m sure I’m working with a clean slate, nute wise.
They’ started on full strength Fox Farms a month ago with CalMag every “plain water” drink.
Had a caterpillar attack on each but I guess the smell of caterpillar carcass kept others away. LOL! I caught them early and that was that. Leaf suckers but they don’t seem to be doing any damage and I read they tend to go away when the plants start to bud so…

The smell is getting better and better each week. :grinning:

My big girl!

GDP is the big one on the left, the other 2 are New York Diesel started indoors mid June and outside since July 1st. Emancipation Day in Virginia!
You can really see the sativa qualities in the NYD compared to the pure Indica of the GDP.

Good Luck and Happy Growing!

Beautiful plants man!

Rain water = balanced PH and MANY other benefits that man could only dream of reproducing in a plastic bottle and still call it “safe” to drink :rofl::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Just praying away!

She’s inside until this oppressive heat passes. Temps upper 90’s to 100 next 4 or 5 days. Yes I’m aware how dirty the cellar is, but I didn’t expect to do this until the last minute and I was lazy, need to take my shop vac down there for a couple days and really clean it. Previous owners seemed averse of cleaning anything…

Topped her the other day, and finally a break from near 100 and insane humidity so she can go back outside.all afternoon. Outdoor is awesome, the growth is incredible daily.

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Topped again and back outside, will be transplanted soon.

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Transplanted with some root hormone powder into a 5 gallon bucket of FF soil. Looking great after 2nd topping.

So, the wife moved the bucket off the railing and our puppy had a snack…

I had it up because I was waiting to get a tomato cage and some chicken wire around it for that very reason.

All healed up and growing nicely again, just a little lopsided.

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