My First grow with Grand Daddy Purple

My first time growing Grand Daddy Purple, new at all of this I’ve tried to grow 3 times before only one success the other two were absolute failures. Decided to get a grow tent, lights and a fan. Plants are 3weeks into the grow. Any suggestions for this grow will be helpful.

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Off to a good start I can see a little burn on tips of the leaf if feeding I would go a little slow.


Try to take photos with regular lighting next time.

Here is the picture in regular light

Thanks for your input. We will stop feeding and just water. Also we are running the lights 24hrs using the veg setting.

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Plants actually benefit from a dark cycle 18/6 light cycle would not be a bad idea For the veg stage. I don’t think I would totally quit feeding I would just cut the strength down a little bit. watch the new growth and adjust accordingly. Good luck

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She is really bushy/tight noded, I would try and move the lights up 6-10” to get her to stretch up a little.


Plants need sleep. Here is a pic 1 hour after lights out with autos. Notice the leaves drooping as the rest. Next morning they are up.

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Definitely need to move your light up. Probably around 20 to 24 inches above the tops of the plants.

Welcome to the forum! Lots of help here! Looking good except for issues previously mentioned

Thanks for all of the input. We are excited and a new found confidence. My wife and I are enjoying this grow journey. Tonight when I got home I moved the lights up to about 20” away from the tops of the plants and I cut off the lights will go to an 18/6 light cycle. Thank you all for your help… greatly appreciated

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I’m thinking of purchasing a Grow tent.

What size is your tent and what kind and size are your circulating fan/fans and exhaust fan?

What other equipment do you have set up ?


Your plants look very healthy and vigorous!

How is your Grow space set up?

What kind if lights do you have?

I’m new to growing.

Thinking of purchasing a Grow tent.

You need to read alot more before making a tent purchase. Before you go and buy a tent…make sure your ready to buy the correct lighting for it. A 3x3 tent is around 300 dollars roughly to light up.

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I am growing in a 2 x 8 closest. I was in a tent but family drama made me move to a secure lockable space. Grow in fox farms soil with a qb 260xl with supplemental lights on the ends. I keep seedlings to the side and it seems to work. It still needs a few things finished but will grow medicine for now. I was going to stop but found out I can’t stop. After getting off all pharmaceuticals it’s all I have for my PTSD and pain. I would rather risk it then live without it. For me there is not much life without cannabis. When I medicate with oils or tincture I am just like everyone else but happier. Lol. Without it I can’t walk sit or be comfortable at anytime.

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The lights are 20” above slowed the feeding and now 18/6 light cycle. Here they are


So this is where I start to fall apart, I can get them to grow all day long this is where I look for advice. When to use the blower for ventilation when and how to prune etc…

If you want to top the plants wait until you have 7 nodes cut back to 4 try to get just the top leaving the two shoots to become two main colas verses the one main. Or at 7 you can bend and attach to the pot to make more colas by allowing light to reach the inner nodes. LST its called

Side view, from the research on nodes it is where the main stem splits to form little ones right?