Multiple strains with not much smell and taste

From a fellow grower:

Girl Scout cookie extreme, white widow,

Super Skunk Blue dream banana kush, Northern lights.

Not one of these strands did I get a good tasting harvest. The buzz is okay but, the taste is not to pleasant and harsh.

They were dried in a dark room at 70 degrees with a 50 percent humidity.

I dried until the stems snap when bent.

Usually 4 to 5 days. Next step was putting buds in Mason jars in a dark room. Burp the jars just about everyday.

I monitored very closely. It definitely is not a mold issue.

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Proper drying/cure is critical for taste and smell. The numbers above are close. Drying should be low and slow with a RH of 60%. Your temp is okay, as was your cure. Drying should take ~10 days rather than 4 or 5.

I’m not familiar with the other strains, but GSC should have an earthy, minty smell.


How long has it been curing? Taste and smell usually develop after 2-3 weeks into curing. It’s normal to just smell dry grass the few first days.


Great point.

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Did u flush ur plant for a week or two the only reason i can think of is either no flushing of plant or maybe harvested to early thats all i can think of

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This too dry imo. Also good point about temps above, 60f 60% rh is what nost find pretty ideal to dry in. Great question above cure too!

Something often overlooked is that terpenes are very sensitive to temperature. Warm canopy temps even at end of grow can cook off some of scent/flavor profile.


After 5 or 6 days hanging, when the stems can bend about 45° before fraying, I move to a small cardboard box for the next 2 days. Then to the bags or whatever the buds are stored in. Drying too fast is what can cause that harsh taste.

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Was there a strong smell while growing just before harvest.

Use a wood moisture meter to take the guess work out of things. Dry in optimal temp and humidity and test the moisture content of your buds. I like mine at 11% I know other that go as high as 13%. I use jars and burp for 2 weeks. You can take the guess work out even more by using grove bags .I generally don’t smoke fresh cured bud. It sits for approximately 2-3 months before I get around to smoking it. Never had a bud that didn’t taste good, I’ve had some I don’t like though.
Flush or not at the end makes no difference in taste or smell to me. If it does I can’t detect it and I’ve done comparison.

To be honest I never felt cannabis ever tasted good. I like the effect but the taste and smell…Meh
But there was one back in the early 80s I got that had red flower buds and smelled great even when burned. Do not remember what it was but it was great. Nothing I have ever had since was memorable.

Agree with curing improving the product. I like it better 6 months later.

If it’s harsh most likely it was not flushed right. I’ve grown ILGM SS and WW and both are very loud and taste fruity sweet.

Next guess, Spider Mites… They suck the blueberry taste and smell right out of a blue dream.