Mars Hydro or Galaxy hydro

Looking to add a 3rd LED. Any preferred between Mars and galaxy?

I’d go with apache tech over galaxy but mars is probably cheaper

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Mars is just fine…


I’ve got the 140W (true) MarsHydro, and I’m getting great results (IMO). This is one of three plants under it, 3 weeks and 3 days old, 7 bud sites and counting (in addition to the main shoot) on a White Widow with LST. It’s not THAT impressive, but it’s my first grow, so I’m pretty proud of it! :wink:


I bought a 2 pack of marshydro on ebay for cheap. I’ve seen great results from others and am getting good as well. I run 2 mars300 for flower.

Looks amazing!!! This is a wonderful selling highlight for me!!

Mars is looking like the one so far.

It’s the “300W” model, but it only draws about 135-140W. I’m growing in about a 2’x3’ space now, but my tent is 2’x4’, so I really need another one. I’m supplementing it with about 280W of CFL and about 4-5 hours of direct sunlight through a window.

I guess that’s worth noting, @Careg, I do have supplemental lighting, but for the record, it WAS on only the MarsHydro for the first 2 weeks.


No, you’ll have to use two AC spots on your power strip.

It will be zero difference. You’ll see more a difference by sheer luck or chance than by the lighting change. On the bright side though, your power bill will be about half provided you run the same optical wattage.

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I’m really interested in those green ones from Mars. I might try it since you have luck with that one.

Congrats on your first grow sir!!! I wish to have that luck soon. What nutes do you use? And when did you start feeding them?

Thanks, I’m lovin’ the grow! I’m just using a run-of-the-mill MiracleGro fertilizer, but it’s got a good NPK number with heavy nitrogen. I’ve got a bloom fertilizer for later with a 54 on the phosphorous number. I used a 25% of recommended solution on the first feeding at 2-1/2 weeks after it had 4 or 5 nodes and had begun its “rapid vegetative growth” phase. I gave it a 50% solution at 3 weeks, and will give it another 50% tomorrow, which will be 3-1/2 weeks. I’ll bump up to 100% at 4 weeks.

I should probably add some cal-mag and other nutes soon!

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BTW, I got my MarsHydro for $69 delivered from topledgrowlight-usa on eBay, it arrived in 5 days.

That is the guys I got my LEDs from very good customer service I had a problem with a light and they fixed it fast.

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Something to consider I have 2 Mars Hydro 300 watts I do like them and I think they are a good value for the money but if you have a little extra money I would try to find a light either a Mars or comprable that has a veg and Bloom switch also not that you need it that much but there is no on-off switch on the Mars Hydro 300 watt don’t necessarily need one with it plugged into timers and everything but to me I just kind of wanted it but like I said I do like the lights and for the money I think they were a great pick but had I had the money I definitely would have picked one with a veg and Bloom switch this is my first grow and my first led so I can’t really compare it to the performance of anything else but there are plenty of YouTube videos and charts that compare them to their competitors and they stand up well another reason I pick this because this is my first grow and I figured on my second round I will get a bigger better overhead light and use these two Mars Hydro on the sides of my grow room to broadcast light from underneath. Also i will say these Mars stay cool to the touch and minimal heat coming from the light exhaust fans that are in the fixture

You can do it your self if you really want , just add a switch to one of the controllers to cut power to it.
you could add a little network card to if you have a few soldering skills
I have been looking at adding a small pc dongle and then adding a small power switch/controller, cam, temp and humidity probes but I like to tinker as well has having lots of old pc and broken stuff hanging around waiting to be re-purposed.
Look at all the spare room :slight_smile:


69$$$$ what???