10 Plant Grow With 3 x draw power 750W LED

Hello Every one, I am hoping this journal will allow me both to share my knowledge about growing and also to receive constructive input/feedback from more experienced growers.

The growing room is about 3 square metres and I have put in 3 lamps from Mars-Hydro. Compared to HPS these lamps will give 800 watts each. So I have a total of 2400 watts in the room.

Planted 10 seeds–4 different strains.

As usual, I’m trying to keep the temperature as stabile as possible to avoid stretching. With the help of a simple climate control system connected to the exhaust and intake-fans, temperature is being kept stabile between 22-24 degrees celsius. Keeping lights on 24/7 in the veg stage during winter months to keep the room hot. Also installed an electrical heater.

The biggest challenge so far has not been heat but humidity. Due to the dry winter air being sucked in from the outside into the room, humidity was only around 10%. To correct this issue I was forced to put in a humidifier. So far so good, but it is quite annoying to have to refill it with water daily. Will try to find another solution for the humidity issue. If anyone have any tips I would appreciate that very much.

Will update this journal regularly as the grow progress. Hoping all plants will come up. So far 3/10 is above ground. Questions, comments and friendly tips are always welcome.

Autopot 12 pot system, 225 litre Flexitank
Pot Size - 15 liter
Medium - 50% soil, 10% leca, 20% perlite, 20% vermiculite.
Lights - 3xMars Pro II Epistar 1600 (Compare to HPS/MH/HID: 2400 watts)
Nutrients - Canna
Strains - Big Bud, Amnesia, Pure power plant, Northern lights
Plants: 10


Nice to see a new journal. I have low humidity this time of year as well. I also have to run a humidifier until the plants get bigger. Only advice I have on that is either run RO water or distilled water in the humidifier. If not it’ll clog up your air filter very quick if you have high ppm water.


I use a evaporative humidifier and works good. I have to fill it every day I don’t think there is anyway avoiding it. Not sure temp has anything to do with stretching. It is the distance of the light. The further the light is away the more chance of stretching. Also you want the plants to have a bit of rest period. Most run 18/6. Myself I do 16/8 for lights. And have to run a heater as well.

Hey man. Any new update or pictures for the journal? I was using Pro II 160 for a while. It did well. Was very curious about the bigger one.

Thanks for your attention DoobieNoobie. I will use distilled water, I used tap water before, it contains minerals that created deposits inside my humidifier that promoted bacterial growth.

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When the light is too far from plants, it will cause stretching. I think it also depends on light draw power, if it is too powerful, it can keep a further distance from plants. My Mars proII1600 led , draw power is 740W, I kept it about 20’’ away from plants during veg stage.

Thanks for your interest brother.
The first image is showing the first plant to pop out of the soil. It’s a Pure power plant and this is day 3 since the seeds went into the soil. The second picture shows a bigger piece of the grow-room.
Mars Pro II Epistar 1600 LED Grow Light with veg and bloom switches to control different growing modes. Compare to HPS/MH/HID: 800watt


How close do you go when flowering? I have cob lights and running around 18 and seem to be doing good and I just switched to flowering.

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My light paper instruction shows 12’‘–18’’ for bloom, I found my plants can get best yield when it is 12’’ from plants.

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@Devile wishing you a good run on your grow. Interested how that power plant is going to do. I’ll give you a tag into my current grow of 19 Super Skunks.

Thanks for coming here. The same wish on your grow. Weekend will come, I am very excited about it, wish you and your girls also have a pleasant and relaxing weekend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a week since the seeds went into the ground. Conditions in grow-room has been extremely stabile and things are progressing pretty much as expected. Decided to wait a few more days before I separate the two Northern lights that was planted in the same pot. I want to make sure the roots have developed a little bit so I don’t shock the plant. They look so fragile.

Thinking about watering the plants in about 5-7 days - Dependig on how fast the water evaporate from the soil. This is the first time I grow cannabis in soil. Previously only worked with hydro. So far I don’t notice any difference. In Hydro things started going really fast as soon as the roots reached the nutrient repository. Guess in soil the progress will be like an even upwards curve.

What do you think folks? Do they look ok for 7 days?



Beautiful babies!

Thank you my brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I grow 10 plants this time, never grew so many plants before, hope all of them can grow healthy

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Just bought a Mars Hydro glasses , it can protect my eyes and help me see plants clearly. :heart_eyes:

What’s more, I noticed Mars starts to sell white led. They want testers, so I sent them email, they told me they decided to send lights to DoobieNoobie and OldSchoolGrower to test for them firstly. I wish I can see how these lights will perform.


I like the look of them now that I can finally see it. I hope they ship soon. And most of all I hope they are bright and grow good plants under it.

I saw the light picture from their social media, their grow bars look very bright, share the following picture with you

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The plants grow a lot during the past 10 days.


That’s a good pic. I didn’t see that one yet. They look pretty cool.

DAY 21

The plants are growing really well. Beyond my wildest expectations. Let’s begin with a photo of the Pure Power Plants & the Northern lights being very happy under 2 of the Mars-Hydro lamps.

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