LED light? good way to go?

Interested in LED lights. Anyone using one now for small grow. The CFL’s just ain’t doin it anymore for me.

Any feed back would be hugely appreciated.

CFLs need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months if you want to keep full lums just like most grobes. I have heard they can drop off quite fast especially some of the cheaper ones. LEDs last longer than most other lights.

Thanks Iva , yeah all my CFL’s are brand spanky new. I just want something more powerful without the heat. Know what I mean. Have you ever used LEDs???

So you don’t feel the LED alone would do the job for you? Or you just wanted to get every bit of light you can on your plants. I know the feeling. :wink:
I really only want to use the LED 300W. What do ya think?

I use LEDs alone for flowering and use CFLs and T5 fluorescent lights for veg and have never had a problem with moving them under LED later.

Happy growing,


You da man Mac! Thanks bud.

Thanks pig really set my mind at ease . Thank you

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Where I worked before an accident I had some great idea to supply all there own food and one was small greens, tomatoes, and things like that (got to love gov run installations) So money was no real problems but having some clue was :slight_smile: anyway they used hid lights and fluros first with many problems as no one really know what they were doing. Having a questionable child hood I got to take it over for a few months and swapped half the setup to LED and it was easier. and the plants grew just the same but I have to lower the lights which stated new problems. I know this isn’t what you asked but after swapping in that case I would never use anything else esp where I am they hunt you via power usage.
We needed to add heat tho so they set p an LPG heater as I said money is no object with gov and some one up high trying to make their name :slight_smile:


Running my first grow under a Kind 450 in a 2X4X7 tent in soil. Here is where I am at and just switched it to flower this past Friday. Pic is when I switched…it has spread

and grown more than 6 inches in the 5 days…I guess it really is a weed!


Thats one happy plant good work

This is my MarsII 700, after 81 days of flower.


Dang that is sexy as hell. Nice work.

Nice. That is good to see. Well done buddy.

Just got my 1200 led to tested it and it works so hopefully I can give feedback other the next few months.
I am replacing a 400 sonti agro with bat wing reflector that is almost 17 years old (new globes every now and again)
I think they would be about the same in real wats ?


Medicine Man- Flower Day 43 under P300’s and I am a noob grower

I am a whole hearted supporter of LED tech of most kinds. I grew one round of my medicine with 2 600 Hps w/8 inch cool tubes. They all sit in the garage now in the original boxes. My inlet and extraction wattage runs at 138w watts with plenty of air exchange. The two occilating fans pull more watts now. I plan on makeing my next fixtures based on some of growmau5 designs. My two cents. I love my H/O T-5 as well, but my leds pushed growth and health when put side to side with them. I want to veg with LED only in the future having only done a test run this grow

I will be posting a journal of the grow when I have a bit more time :dove:


Hey atomlord are those Platinum LED lights? If they are how many watts?

Hey pigsquish how do you like the p300 ? Thinking about getting an LED. How many plants can you grow under one of those?