Male pollen questions

Does anyone here purposefully pollenate females to get a stash of seeds?

Does anyone collect and save pollen? If so, how’s it done?

How’s the pollen spread? I picture in my head using a makeup brush

I’m not looking to cross breed just yet. Just get seeds of my favorite regulars.

@Bogleg does breeding, there are others on here too.

Storing pollen: mix pollen in with all purpose flour and store in the refrigerator. The flour desiccates the pollen so it will last longer.

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I store my pollen in the freezer and dilute with corn starch, lasts forever, I have 10 year old pollen that stills works as intended. Only takes one particle of pollen to pollinate and create a seed, that’s why I dilute it with the corn starch so too much pollen is not wasted.


I just did this with an Auto. Seeds everywhere on the plant. :+1:

I separate my males from my females, then when my male starts opening I put a bag over it and shake it. I continue to do that until they stop producing large amounts of flowers. After that I put it all in a small glass file and stick it in the freezer. When I pollinate I use a small detail paintbrush and just stick the very tip in it and lightly bush it against the buds I want to pollinate. I move my females to a different spot than the other females when I’m doing this, after a couple of days I lightly spritz it with distilled water to try to get the pollen to stay put and I put it back in my flower tent.

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Sounds simple enough. At what point in the grow cycle do you apply the pollen? I’d guess early flower? @CoyoteCody

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I have done both, early flower (3-4 weeks) equals a lot more seeds in my experience, whereas in mid-late flower (6-7 weeks) there are less fresh pistils to pollinate, just remember it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks for your seeds to mature, really depends on the strain, but I try to figure out others experiences with pollinating that strain and try to get my seeds to mature just before my buds do.

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