How long will pollen last?

So I collected a bunch of sour d pollen a couple years back… popped the seeds I had from then also…was in my freezer in a bag with rice in it…prob3-4 years… everyone of them sprouted and only 2 were male… kept the pollen dry and sealed in freezer… think it’s still good?

Try it and let us know. Can’t hurt. @Juco

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I collected some in May and tried to pollinate a plant in August and didn’t get one seed. I had it stored in an airtight container in a dark corner of my garage. If it works let us know and I will store it in freezer next time.

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Yeah I’d definitely like to hear how those results go if you try it

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ok, i will let you guys know if it does in fact work! im pretty optimistic… pollen was bone dry and air/light tight. seems like the pistils are shrinking where i applied the pollen… a sign it is working… but we will see. it was more like 4-5 years old… but the seeds did pop like they were brand new…