Lighting for one plant

What light should I switch to for flowering one plant

What size space, id say 400 watt hps, however I don’t want to confirm without knowing space

I want to say a little smaller than 4x6

I’m flowering in a 3x3 with 400 watt HPS

as you can see one plant is just right lol


So I’m familiar with grow space so all I have is one plant and she’s grow. In a hallow speaker box

What the size of box and is it big enough to hold a grow light setup if real small space should think about getting a tent cause your going to need lots of room in flower plus temp needs to be maintained fresh air lots of light
My tent is 3x3x6 and she fills up the whole nine square feet with ease

Got my tent on eBay under 60 dollars free shipping it is a great tent

I have my plant in a small pot as well but what size is your pot? And I just might go that route anyway

Okay I used 1.5 gal but I wish I would of used 3 gal pot my girl is 3 weeks into flower so she’s trying hard to out grow the pot go bigger then you need so you don’t have to transplant again trust me better that way

See my plant is in the 5th week it has its 7 node sprouting (at least hats what I think you call them) when should I start the flowering process?

There is different schools of thought on that but it comes down to space if you have lots and are not in a rush let her grow you’ll be greatly happy when you weigh you harvest now low on space flower her now but… Big but is this she will almost double in size taller wider fatter so I hope that helps its all up to you and your equipment and grow space

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See my plant is in the 6th week now and the space is

Can’t tell but if it were I I’d go 12-12 on the lights use HPS or if you cant get a bunch of 2700k cfl lights with Y connector box that small your plant will out grow in no time