What size grow tent should i get?

A question of a fellow grower:
Im in the process of setting up a small grow room, i wanted to have everything in place before i order my seeds. My question for you is what size grow tent should i get? at this moment im using a Sun System Grow Light - HPS 150W Complete System with Ultra Sun Lamp. I hope that will work. I plan in the future to upgrade to 400W HPS. looking forward to your responce. Thank you very much

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How big is the room you want to use and how many plants

hey @ILGM.Zoe. yep need more info to give any help hints. goal?, room available?, time available?, first time?,

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Im thinking a 3ft x 2ft x 5ft room. hoping for 2 or 3 plants. going with autoflower seeds. any suggestions would be appreciate.


A 400 watt hps light is pretty good in a 3x3. I would consider going with air cooled, should help maintain environmentals.

Im stuck with a 150w HPS and hoping it will do for now. what should i expect for growth with this light.

I can give you a good website for a grow tent they are very good and don’t cost so much if you want too :slight_smile:

That would be great. Thank you

Yo here,
https://www.growmart.de/Growboxen-1.html in my opnion they are pretty cheap and still good i have the l one. You can also buy complesets but i would recomend buying the complete set and then had not the things i wanted. Trust me

3ft x3ft is a nice size tent for 2 plants. I would consider going 6ft height if possible to give yourself room to tuck in the exhaust fan or circulating fans tiewrap up cords Etc. Good luck

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not much, the low watt HID’s (under 400w) r pretty in-efficient,
150w HPS will cover 2-3 sq ft in flower, 1.5’ x 2’ area at most,
this is better then most Blurple LED tho.!!

try to grow one plant under it and save up for better lighting.!

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3x3 tent or 4x4 tent. You can grow at least 4 middle plants in this size.
I have used MarsHydro tent for a few months. It is well-built. I like the metal frame structure with the affordable price.