First time grower looking for advice and help

This is my first time growing and I just needed some advice on what I would need for growing indoors, I’m only planning on growing one plant. I’m planning on using apotforpot but other then that I need advice on what kind of lights, and whatnot.

A little info would be helpful like size of the space you have and budget


I’d like to spend around $200 not including the potforpot kit and seeds those I have covered already.

The exact size of the space Im not 100% sure of but I’d estimate about probably 8 to 10 ft wide by 8to 10 ft long.

There is a space in the room that I was planning on using, it’s wide enough but I’m not sure if it’s tall enough.

I’ll be able to get some exact measurements soon. Im in the process of moving and im going to be growing in the new house.

For that budget you can get a MH HPS combo in the 600 to 1000 watt range. It’s old school but tried and proven for decades. Check ebay


Would I need a tent and is 600 to 1000 watts overkill for one plant?

The room im doing this in is also my computer room.

Welcome to the community ! A tent is the quickest way to set up a grow space. The bigger space the more expensive the lights. LEDs be much cheaper on the power bill. MH HPS Cheaper to purchase but pull heavy on the power bill. 3x3 (tent) space quality LED hlg 135 V2 R-Spec. A couple hundred bucks. Also the 260 but more money. One or two plants.
just my thought good luck.


Idk about a room that size but for $400 you can get a complete kit from Mars hydro tent light inline fan and filter won’t lie doing it on $200 will be tight and you will have to cut corners somewhere

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The kits is a 2x2x5 tent and a 150 watt light as well

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I think a 3x3 tent would work for me, I was looking at the Mars Hydro tents yesterday and I might ne able to up my budget to $400 if I had to.


3x3 tent hundred bucks, the 135. 200 bucks
The 260. 350 bucks

Yea something around that size would work perfect for me. The next thing is what to grow though. I was thinking I’d try Zskittlez, GD Purple or Purple Haze.

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Dont forget the little things fabric pots 5 gallon minimum, medium , coco coir bricks are great and decently cheap , ph meter is a must I wouldn’t recommend anything cheaper then a apera. A oscillating internal fan, and of course nutes Jack’s 321 is a favorite for hydro and down to earth is my favorite for organics. Zkittle is very beginner friendly, big buds, and awesome energetic/ feel good high. Oh and a plug in digital timer

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You can grow whatever you like in the 3 x 3 space. couple of plants is a good fit. I do recommend get the tallest tent your space will accommodate.

I have the fan already and I’m gonna buy one of the potforpot kits for all the soil and stuff.

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Meh personally I think that’s a very uneconomic route you’d be better off piecing together the things in the pack that way you can do more then 1 when the grow bug hits you

400 is much better to work with :smiley:



Never used it but it looks like air fits the bill

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My 3x3 set up cost like $
$600 plus something like that also I don’t recommend zkittle it has a hermie problem

This is my 3x3x6 using infinity inline and filter with a hlg 260 rspec growing in coco using 5 gal pots with 4 plants for a reference for you


Do you find 3x3 as enough room for you?

That’s hard to answer but yes it’s a good size for 4 plants essentially the bigger the tent the more you can veg in a sense if your training your plant if your growing naturally straight up definitely aim for a 6 ft tent of your only growing one plant a 2x2 could work and would be cheaper the bigger the grow space the more expensive the light so it’s all a balance with what you can afford and want to do my self want 2 or even 3 more tents lol

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Very nice set up ! I’m sure the 260 rocks the 3x3 space. I use two of the 260 XL in a 4x4 space. very satisfied.
Happy growing my friend ! :+1::v:

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