Grow tent suggestions

Hey guys,

I was planning on shopping for a grow tent tomorrow and was wondering what you guys think. I’m using 3 300w leds (i will make another post on how Amazon hooked me up with 2 free lights. It was crazy) so I assume a size of at least 4’ x 2’ x 5-7’ (unsure about height). Looking for a reputable brand of tent without breaking the bank.

Any suggestions? Way too many on Amazon to make up my mind. lol

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4x4 is a good start, amazon has plenty of great tents…
i wouldn’t give over 100$ for a 4x4


Regardless of the length and width you decide to go with, look for the tallest one you can afford. Even an extra 6” height can make your tent a lot more versatile.


70 to 80" is a good height for an indoor tent.


Thanks! I think I have one picked out. Was wanting to go with Apollo, but read that the vents don’t seal well like others do. Might go with VIVOSUN instead. But those are the exact dimensions. This is a first grow with the right equipment and all, (where I can actually spend money) so it’s nice to know I’m on the right path.

Do you think 3 300w Roleadros is too much for a 4’ x 4’? If not then at least I can have a backup if one goes out and just go with 600w

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You usually want 35-50 watts per square foot of space so for a 4x4 if you fully populate the tent would need 560-800 actual watts. Although those Roleadros say 300w they are actually only ~132w (from the wall) so by that math you are still underpowered. If you are only using some of that space you could be ok.

They had a deal last week for a 48x48x80 for $65…


there you go @Chip_Butterfield

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I should have bought 3

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I’ve had an apollo 4x4 amd it’s woked great fot the almost 2 years I’ve had it. I also have 2 no name brand tents that are killing it as well.

I have three tents and have no complaints with any of them - two are Vivosun and the other is Helios Hydro (which is my tallest at 80")
Best of luck with your grow. Jeb

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Check this link THEY should have what you need

I have three roleadro cobs, one 400w and two 300w in a 20"x36"x63" tent. So 3 in a 2x4 would be fine. Honestly, I wish I would’ve went with the chm lights, they put off less heat then just 2 of my lights

I settled for this tent here.

Now shopping for exhaust. Is a 6 inch setup absolutely necessary for a unit this size or will 4 inch work out okay? Any links will work fine. Have $150.00 budget.

You’re going to want a 6" fan or larger for that space depending on the lights amd how much heat they put off once running.

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@Dieselgrower 3 300 watt roleadro LEDs panels (not cob). Only growing a 1-2 plants at a time. Why I was thinking 4 inch but looking at the calculations I may have to eat it and get a 6 inch, seems like piecing together seems a lil cheaper than the kits I see so many mixed reviews for.

BTW, Thanks for your service :grinning:

Here’s what I have as far as exhaust:

(with a 3 year product replace plan seeing as the reviews on all these inlines are mixed, at least my butt is covered and not taking a loss)

No reviews, but for the price I figured why not? If it fails, I will get an ipower filter.

For the same price as ipowers regular dryerline, this seemed more bang for the buck.

I am going to have a busy weekend ahead of me :star_struck: Yet I’m loving every minute of this. Will post pictures once completeted or maybe a video link.


I usually go by reviews and average rating when shopping for my room. I use the apollo ones as well and haven’t haf any complaints. Thank you my frined :+1::v:


Im looking at Hydrobuilders in the USA. Im going to go with the 4’ × 4’ tent to use 600 watt lights instead of 1000 watt lights. I sure the authorities know what to look for as far as energy use. I just thought the smaller lights might not draw as much attention.

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Why I use LED where the actual wattage is half of what’s advertised. Plus with it getting hotter here the timing coincides with AC use which kills our electric anyways. Eventually I’m going to tie in a solar setup to curb the consumption rate on paper. One time our water heater messed up causing our bill to triple in a month and no one asked any questions. We spent three months trying to figure it out! lol So I’m not too worried.