Grow tent set ups

Hi there! Looking to invest in a grow tent. I have a “home made” set up right now but it is far less contrilled environment. I saw this set up on Amazon. $259 free shipping. Thoughts? There are several other options and sizes as well. Just wondering. BloomGrow 24’‘x24’‘x48’’ Grow Tent + 4’’ Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo + 300W LED Light + Hangers + Hygrometer + Shears + 24 Hour Timer + Trellis Netting Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit

Some of the things to look out for:

When buying a tent; get one that is 6 or more feet high. You need the height.

The light listed will not do a good job in that space and is insufficient to do a decent grow. Investing in decent lighting is key.

PH meter and TDS meter are incredibly valuable tools.

I think you can do better with your money.


I haven’t priced it out recently but, my guess is the you can nearly as well with a Quantum Board and get the other things individually. I am not a big fan of these “all in one” offerings. @dbrn32 can likely give you best current prices.

@Myfriendis410 is on the mark!


Definitely agree with what you said. I saw a much better tent afterwards. I also already have 1000w led lights so I dont even need the little they offer. I am gonna keep looking


I know i definitely need a taller one for sure as one of my girls right is a little over 6 feet lmao. Also I have plenty of room in my basement which is wheere I do all my “gardening”

If you decide to buy your major components separately (which I highly recommend), I strongly urge you to post which tent you are considering getting on here. Not all tents are created the same. I have a pair of 4x4s, for example, from different manufacturers. I tried to save some money on one of them and it is terrible. Specifically the zippers are terrible (seams frayed, get stuck all the time). I have this 2x2x48" tent:

It’s a nice, solid tent - well constructed. Port locations aren’t perfect but that’s probably going to be the case with most 2x2 tents.

I also have this 4x4 tent:

And that tent is also really nice - great port locations and numbers and bomb proof zippers (so far - I’ve grown in it for a year and a half).


If you go led build a quantum board led you will triple your lights compared to what you will buy from amazon or go with a cmh 315 watt you won’t be disappointed


Man this is tough. I think the only fair way to look at this is two different perspectives.

The first one, buying something like this and decided 6 months from now you don’t want to grow is minimal investment lost. No matter what there’s a couple of additional things you want. But getting in cheap and getting growing is perfectly fine.

The other perspective, if you’re committed to growing long term you’ll likely replace all of this stuff asap. Then you end up essentially spending 2-3x as much buying everything more than once.

The light i would recommend for a 2x2 will run you about $200 alone. It’s a big investment when put into context of a whole grow room for $260. But that light will be plenty capable of paying for itself and likely your entire space the first harvest. Same thing with the stuff the others pointed out. Bigger tent will make things much easier, but its also going to cost a little more.

At some point you have to make your budget work. So a decision has to be made if you want the buy once cry once approach, or get by as cheaply as possible setup. @MattyBear has a really good producing 2x2 setup.


Okay @dbrn32 im lookimg to do a perpetual system. I have 4 led 1000w lights already. I created 2 separate areas right now downstairs with veg and seedling in one area and flower separate. I have seen some 48×36×70 combo tents. I have also seen several other options. I would like to use the lights I already have as I dont want to waste more on lights hiwever. I am new to this set up and growing in general but I grow because I enjoy it and I want to no longer have to purchase any bud. I want enjoy my own. I love using coco soil. Something about the dirt makes me feel connected I cant explain it. Kinda reminds me of when I was a kid on the farm down south with my dad. I just thought it would be more effective to purchase tent for loght and heating purposes among other things
You have all been so helpful this far


It is alot to consider but I definitely have to intentions to stop growing

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Sadly on the lights the power bill will make you want a HIG My 240w QB replacing the 400W powerpar so the $150 it took to build the 2x288QB light gets payed back by the $20-30 a month savings in the power bill fairly fast
Never get a short tent :mage:
You may want to run 3 of the 1000W in flower tent and use one to grow for now so another 24"/36" x 48"x70" tent

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Mattybear has one of those too lol. So you have a veg and a flower space already, the tent would be to just have something that wasn’t homemade?

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Can tell us more about your 1000w LED panels? Blurple types?

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Yes that is what im going for efficiency is my goal with the set up

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I use 2 600w Blurple’s to grow with and would be lost without them :man_farmer: I just would never use them to flower with :mage:


I have a pair of “1500w” ones myself. If I am being honest, I finished my best plant to date with them (not on purpose, the situation required it at the time)… I think I did the last two or three weeks under them with a Blackberry Kush - that plant turned out great. They are nice for veg in winter when I need extra heat in my tent. This is my current veg tent lights:

Those are very similar to QB60s, and all combined they draw around 215w total (according to my smart plug).

I set it up so I basically have one board over each 2x2 quarter of the tent.

My intention when building that fixture was to keep it somewhat modular - I could easily bolt on four more panels and turn it into a pretty awesome flower setup.


I just bought s new 2x2x4 setup for a full-time veg tent. If you are into plant training, the height will be fine. I got the tent, hlg100, ac infinity t4 exhaust, filter for around 350 or 400. I had the rest of the stuff to go in it: heater, clip-on fan, fabric pots, soil, etc. The stuff I bought, id say are you main grow components. The rest is regular items to buy for growing. I love my setup and can’t preach enough for ac infinity exhaust. It works for my needs perfectly. A small tent is easy to heat up, so LED is ideal.


a grow tent is for easy set up and they look fancy.!

if u have the ability to light proof your flower area and add reflective walls a tent is not needed.!

i grow in a custom made stealth box that is shoved in the corner of a garage,
a flower area can be made out of many things…
2x4’s and plywood, 2x2’s and panda film (the original grow tent), Styrofoam boards and glue…

bloom room on the left side…

veg/momma/clone/seedling chamber on the right…

timers, drivers, fan, carbon scrubber, and dry chamber on top…

light chambers in the middle…


I’m happy to help you find a tent, but I’m not really sure moving to a tent from the space you built is going to gain you efficiency. Am I reading into this correcty?


" veg in winter when I need extra heat in my tent" LMAO thats what I was going yo say “And I don’t even need a heater”
I think im building 1 maybe 2 more or these